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  • Naomi lost the fight due to overconfidence

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Naomi is a very vain and arrogant fighter, a champion who is used to win. She loves to beat up her adversaries to a pulp and not only she doesn't feel guilty about it, she even enjoys it.

Naomi is a proud beauty and loves to show off her hair a lot, cxonstantly weaving, flickering and flying her hair even when just talking.

Rob fights Naomi to avenge his sister who was put in an hospital by Naomi's brutality. Rob wants to give Naomi a taste of her own medicine.


Part One: 5 minutes - Back and Forth fight, Rob dominates.

Rob is very still in the center of the room, waiting for Naomi to arrive.

Naomi arrives right at the begining of the video, flips her hair when she enters, she walks toward Rob while flipping her hair twice and then she stops in front of Rob and flips her long hair again.

Everytime Naomi talks she first flips her hair, talks a bit, in mid sentense flips her hair and after she ends talkig  she flips her hair again.

Naomi stops near Rob.

Naomi: "So you want to fright me? Do you know who i am? I'm the champion and i smash guys like you for fun".

Rob: "I know who you are. You hurted my sister after she had already surrended. You sent her to the hospitalwith your cruelty and I'm going to do the same to you".

Naomi: "That's a laugh!! I'm very good against other women but I'm invincible against men. I have won all my fights against men even bigger than you. There will be only one result to this, I'll turn you to dust and step on you".

Rob: "You can try".

Naomi: "I don't try, i do".

Naomi tries to hit Rob in the face but misses and Rob gives Naomi 15 non-stop left and right facepunches and ends with a kick to Naomi's chin that sends her to the ground .

Naomi smiles and raises from the ground. She is surprised and amused that Rob managed to hit her so many times.

Naomi: "Is that the best you can do? You are in big trouble".

Rob: "I can also do this".

Rob gives Naomi 15 more left and right facepunches and a spinkick that makes her do a 180 degrees half-spin and falls to the ground again on her knees.

Rob: "How you liked it?"

Naomi raises.

Naomi: "Like i said, if this is the best you can do you are in big trouble. You have no idea what..."

Rob interrupts Naomi by giving her 15 more left and right punches and finishign with a hard headbutt on Naomi's face, sending Naomi again to the ground on her back.

Rob: "You talk too much".

Naomi rises, and this time she looks upset.

Naomi: "Fine. I'll let my fist do the talking for me".

Both Naomi and Rob rises their dukes. Naomi strikes first but misses Rob who replies by giving Naomi 5 facepunches.

The rest of the fight goes as follow:

Naomi hits Rob with one or two punches or kicks or knees to his body. When she tries to hit Rob's head/face she always miss or Rod blocks.

Rob's punches always hit Naomi's face/head. No body or bellypunches on Naomi, not a single one during the entire fight, all punches and hits by Rob are on Naomi's face.

Rob hits Naomi mostly with left and right punches but he also gives jabs and uppercutsand kicks and knees and headbutts to Naomi's face.

Rob gives Naomi punches that are both hard/strong and fast and many in number, like she did to Stella in  "Stella Lost Her Last Fight".

Rob gives Naomi 5 to 8 punches after Naomi gives him one or two hits. Some times Rob lands 10 punches on Naomi.

Everytime Naomi raises from the ground or recouvers from being punched and before striking on Rob she flips her hair before resuming the fight.

For example, Rob punches Naomi, Naomi flips her hair, she strikes Rob and flops her hair again, Rob punches her, after Rob punches her she flips her hair, and so on.

The fight is brutal on Rob's part and Naomi is completly overmatched from begining to end. Rob is the obvious superior fighter. But Naomi is very strong and determined so despite taking much more punches she doesn't quit and keeps going back for more.

Naomi falls to the ground a few times during this fight but she always jumps back to the fight, always flipping her hair because she is so vain and proud of her looks and her beautiful long hair.

This part ends with Rob giving Naomi 15 non-stop punches and ends with a kick to her face that sends Naomi to the ground again.

During this part Rob punches the spit out of Naomi a few times, particulary after a stronger punch or kick.

By the later part of Part 1 Naomi gets her nose pretty crushed so to sell how hard Rob has been punching her.

Part 2: 12 minutes - Rob gives Naomi a non-stop One-Side Beatdown.

Naomi rises from the ground.

Naomi: "OK, i admit, you are better than i though. You are better than most i have fought. But that means nothing. I'm the champion. I always win. Nobody can take me. Now you go down."

Rob: "You can try, but it's me who will win, for my sister my victory is her revenge."

Naomi: "I'll make you join your sister in the same hospital i sent her."

Rob: "Not likely".

This time it's Rob who attacks first and Naomi fails to defend herself and gets hit my a series of 8 facepunches. Naomi tries to hit back but misses and Rob hits back with 8 more facepunches.

Naomi keeps her dukes raised for all the durating of this part but she can't do more than that, can't defend from Rob's assault.

Like in Part 1, Naomi flips her hair a lot as well.

In this part Naomi doesn't land a single punch or hit on Rob. All punchesand hits are of Rob on Naomi.

Rob sends Naomi against the wall a few times and gives her a beating against the wall like in boxing a beating against the ropes.

In the first 5 minutes of Part 2 Naomi tries to hit Rob but fails all of her strikes or Rob blocks them then Rob hits back.

Rob gives Naomi 8 to 20 facepunches and strikes to Naomi's face, sometimes even as far as 30 to 40 nonstop. 

No body or belly punches, not a single one.

Rob sends Naomi to the ground a few times. Naomi is always quick to raise from the ground,she never stays more than 3 to 5 seconds, but it's clear the punches are taking a toll on her.

After the 5 minutes Naomi is again on the ground.

Rob: "Not so mighty and invencible now, are you?"

Naomi: "You haven't beaten me, I'll win, I always win."

Naomi raises again but she is wobbling, all she can do is flipping her hair. 

In the last 7minutes of Part 2 Naomi is no longer able to throw punches and she is now just a punching bag to Rob.

Rob is even more merciless and brutal.

Naomi is also punched against the wall and punched on the ground too.

After 7 minutes of nonstop brutality, Naomi falls to her knees. Rob stands in front of her.

In the first 6 minutes of this part Rob punches the water spit out of Naomi many times, especially in the last punch after a series of punches/combos.

In the last 6 minutes of this part it becomes liquid spit punched out of Naomi, many times too like above.

Part 3: 3 minutes - Rob beats Naomi on her knees.

Rob: "Do you surrender now?"

Naomi: "Never!"

Rob: "Good, i was hoping you said that."

Naomi: "Do your worst!"

Rob: "I'll. For my sister."

Rob puches Naomi left and right 20 times.

Then he stands to Naomi's side and knees Naomi in the face with 20 hits.

Then he kicks Naomi's face left and right 10 times and one more kick inthe Naomi's chin makes Naomi falls on her back.

Rob groundpunches Naomiwith 20 left and right punches.

Rob gets up, pulls Naomi up to her knees again by pulling her by the hair and gives 20 jabs to Naomi's face.

Naomi is now so beat she no longer speaks.

Rob: "It doesn't take long now".

Rob Pulls Naomi to her feet. Naomi wobbles, stunted by the punishing she has suffered.

Rob gives Naomi hard single punches each making Naomi do half and full spins from the impact of each punch. In half the punches Naomi receives she has the spit punched out of her.

This part ends with Rob giving Naomi 12 left and right hard punches and each time Naomi has the spit puched out of her.

The last punch makes Naomi do a double spin and she falls to the ground, KO.

Her back to the floor, facing up.

Naomi hair is spreaded around her head like an halo around her.

Rob: "My sister is avenged".

Rob leaves but the camera angle stays on Naomi looking down at her, with the focus and framing centered on her long hair spreaded about.

After 20 seconds on looking at Naomi until it fades out.

The End.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi lost the fight due to overconfidence

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