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  • Tiffany demonstrates how to destroy men

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Tiffany decides to beat some karate champions for her fans. It starts off showing her getting ready for a night out. She tells the viewers that she is going out to the club but has a nice surprise for them first.

It then cuts to her walking inside a building approaching two masked guards. They say the area is reserved and tell her and her cameraman to go home. She smiles and viciously attacks them. The guards try to fight back but are no match and she finishes them quickly and easily (~1-2 minutes. you can choose how she finishes them). It cuts to a third masked guard in different clothes who approaches her and says she will pay. She smiles. Scene cuts to inside the room. We hear noises of the guard getting beat and then he flies through the door and onto his stomach. He tries to crawl away but tiffany walks up to him, places her foot on his back and chokes him with a rope around his neck until he is KOed. She then tells her viewers that the fun is only beginning.

Scene opens with her sitting on a chair with legs crossed, dangling one of her heels on her toes. Her two targets walk in with karate gi and are surprised she got passed the guards. They tell her and her cameraman to leave immediately or they will beat her. She laughs, looks to the camera and tells viewers that these are the two special targets that she has for them today. The guys scoff and say they are karate champions and they would like to see her try. She says lets have some fun and takes off her heels to be barefoot (show close up please).

Fighting should be like the description above in the most important details. During the fight, can you include 4 things: (1) one of the guys will be frustrated and grab a weapon. Tiffany kicks him multiple times so hard that he drops the weapon due to pain. (2) Tiffany kicks them in the face so hard that they spit fluids out (3) She mounts on top of a guy and punches him several times in the face (4) One of the guys try to go after the cameraman because he doesn’t want to be humiliated on video. Tiffany kicks him in the balls from behind and deals with him, “you’re fighting me not my cameraman”

Near the end, the guys are tired and hurt but they lunge at her one last time together. She fights both of them at the same time and beats them down. She does a high foot choke on Brian for ~45 seconds. Include angles 1-4 and show that she is enjoying this. Brian tries to tap but she keeps pressing on Brian’s throat until he is knocked out.

She then goes towards Rob and hits him with multiple variety of moves and kicks and he falls in his back. She then steps on his throat and chokes him for ~45 seconds. He taps many times and begs for mercy. She keeps her foot on his throat, looks at the camera and says “what do you guys think?” (Please have full body view during this, angle 9). She pretends to get a notification and says “oh too bad for you!” and increases the pressure until he is finished (please have angle 9 when she finishes him)

She walks over to Brian and says “let’s see if we can have a little more fun with this one.” She slaps his face with her foot and kicks his balls. He wakes up in pain. He sees his partner and tries to crawl away but Tiffany steps on his back and then pulls him back into the ring, “I’m not done with you yet.” He desperately attacks her one more time but she delivers a multiple flurry of moves and he ends up on his back. She steps on his throat for ~45 seconds with him pleading for mercy. She lets go and says she will let him go if he kisses her foot and calls her mistress tiffany. he does so. She smiles and steps on his throat again. He says “please you said you would let me go!” She smiles and says “I can’t let you talk to the police.” He says he promises he won’t tell anyone and taps and pleads again but she just increases the pressure for ~40 more seconds until he is Koed (please have angle 6, close up of the foot, when he is being finished). Please have his hands on her ankle/leg the whole time and have tiffany leave her foot on the throat for several seconds after he is finished. She does full foot on face victory pose and tells her viewers that she hoped they enjoyed the show. She had fun with this little warm up and now is ready to go to the club! She moves their heads with her foot to make sure they are out, steps over the bodies, picks up her shoes and leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles 

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Tiffany demonstrates how to destroy men

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