female fighting stories

  • Evil sister, Kind sister

In this video there is the hard fight between good and evil.

Two sisters, Paula, the good, wearing in white and Ronda, the evil wearing black, both in high heels

The evil attacks the good, without any apparent reason, just to punish it, the good doesn't want to fight but it's forced by the ferocity of the evil. The sister who represents the good during the hard fight wants to stop the challenge but the evil just doesn't accept any reason. In the final part, the good seems to have the dominion but suddenly the evil attacks the camera. The sister of good wants to calm her down but a very hard battle begins again. Evil seems to have the upper hand. The battle between the good and the evil will never end!!!!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Evil sister, Kind sister

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  • Product Length: 11 minutes
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