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  • Tiffany crushes the ego of the men's who laughed at her

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Rob is the best sensei in the region and after he stopped his career of athlete he opened a karate school of high level for the new best karate-men.

Generally, the new athletes are reported by other sensei’s friends who reports him only the best athletes they meet. Actually Rob has already two athletes in his team, one who thanks to his teachings has already recently won some important tournaments and another who instead has been training with him for only 10 months but he is considered the new promise of karate. 

Today is the day when the third athlete has to come at the gym, reported by one of Rob's best sensei and great friend.

While Rob is leading the warm up, a beautiful girl enters, Tiffany. The three men look at her and ask her if she needs anything or if she took a mistake because the dance class is on Wednesdays. Rob says they're actually waiting for someone, a new student, but she can't be for sure the new student…. The three men laugh.

Tiffany says that instead she is probably the person they are waiting for.

Rob says it is impossible because they are waiting a new karate student sent by Sensei Ivan. Again Tiffany confirms that she is that student.

Rob is incredulous and doesn't know what to do, he doesn't want a woman in the team, women aren't suitable for martial arts. Even boys confirm that women are not up to it and should spend themselves to other sports more suitable for them. 

For Tiffany it’s a refrain that she has already been heard a thousand times and which, above all in certain male environment, is still used to defend their supremacy. 

After a little discussion, Tiffany asks to be tested and, in the end, Rob convinces himself to test her level and decides to let her fight with her last student and tells her that if she resists more than 5 minutes against one of his boys, she will can participate in some lessons.

Naturally the pupil is sure that he will win easily, instead the challenge will be one-side but in favour of Tiffany. The two spectators encourage their friend, especially the sensei, who can’t believe that a little girl is able to knock him out. 

When her opponent is on the ground, already very tried, Tiffany at one point thinks the match is over and if he gives up it is certainly the best thing for him. Naturally he refuses. She then helps him get up shaking her head, waits for him to be ready, lets him attack a couple of times, then starts with a series of very powerful high kicks and then finally knocks him out with a flying high kick. The two men are incredulous, the young promise is practically knocked out. Tiffany thinks she has already given a more than sufficient demonstration to join the team but for Rob it is not acceptable, so he orders to his champion to immediately give her the lesson she deserves. 

The second opponent is very confident, he knows he is much smarter than the other guy and her opponent is a woman, small and very few experienced. Tiffany shakes again her head, is it possible that men are never able to accept defeating? Is their ego such big? 

The second fight begins and Rob is particularly excited with inciting his pupil but Tiffany seems calm and in total control by the beginning and really soon begins to dominate the challenge. Rob can't believe his eyes, his pupil, champion of some tournaments, can't score a single hit against a dancer. Rob sometimes intervenes to give him advice after some knockdowns and to stop Tiffany’s action and hoping he can regain the energy back, but Tiffany keeps him flying around the tatami until at a certain point Rob decides to intervene definitively. 

The problem is always the same, that their stupid male’s ego is unable to accept that a woman can fight better than a man.....

Rob immediately starts the attack, he wants to close quickly the fight but he hasn't reckoned with Tiffany's ability who in fact immediately takes control of the challenge and considering the arrogance of her opponent this time she uses heavy hits from the start. Rob doesn't accept losing, he gets up quickly convinced that he can turn the challenge in his favour but the gap with Tiffany is significant.

Again Rob finds himself stuck in a hold and should give up but having now understood that he can't win alone he calls his two pupils to help him saying that together they have to teach her a lesson. 

He then explains to his two students to fight together against the girl (2 to 1) to restore the honour of the school. The two are a bit fearful but sensei convinces them. 

Do they think to restore the honour of the dojo fighting in a 2 to 1 against a little girl? 

So she wants to make them pay by increasing the dose of humiliation that they are deserving in fact she says that she will fight them without using her hands. The challenge begins and as always Tiffany dominates the situation for a few minutes, but as soon as the sensei has regained strength, it starts a 3 vs 1 match. The three want to make her pay while Tiffany begins to doubt the validity of the team. A very tough fight begins, always dominated by Tiffany who during the fight plays a bit with her opponents by a pair of multiple taps out, some high kicks hitting her opponents in series 

She is just a beginner, a little girl and her opponents are champions but even in 3v1 they can't do anything against her. She is faster, more skill, stronger!!!!

The fight end with the three men on the floor and Tiffany who walks amongst their body and their egos totally destroyed putting her feet on them and saying some comments about female superiority, about their stupid egos. 

The scene finishes with a victory pose of Tiffany.


Something like a gym


First and fundamental point, Tiffany must wear black pantyhose!!!!

She enters wearing miniskirt and high heels bus she leaves both before to fight

For the outfit of the men, you can use typical attire for sensei with black belt.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany crushes the ego of the men's who laughed at her

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