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  • Mabel gets a pleasure from the fight

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This could star Mabel or Sasha. She would be wearing some kind of tight leather skirt or leather pants with a sleeveless top. She should look like she's about to go out for a night on the town. She will be the superior villain of the story. The hero is a male who can be mask-less who has been sent to retrieve secret files from the girl and arrest her. He's an elite secret agent and so is she. He should look stronger than her. 

He sneaks into her room and hides and waits for her to arrive. When he sees her he's amazed with how beautiful she is and is very attracted to her. But he realizes he has a job to do so he sneaks up behind her and tries to restrain her. He takes one arm and wraps it around her waist and takes the other arm and wraps it around her throat. The girl looks aroused and excited when he grabs her from behind. She'll be very sexually aroused throughout this encounter. He tells her "I'm here for the files and to take you in". She smiles and whispers "Is that really what you're here for?". Without effort she flips him over her shoulder and on the ground. She looks down on him like she wants to have sex. He's a little frightened with how powerful she is and after a moment he gets up. She then pushes him against the wall and restrains him by pressing her whole body against him. He can't push her back. She then grabs his throat and whispers in his ear smiling "maybe you came here to hurt me". She gives him a kiss and then steps back. "if you want to know where the files are, you'll have to beat it out of me". She says this softly and seductively, wanting him to hit her. The man then gets in a fighting stance and starts punching her. He goes between face and body punches (mostly face punches). The punches make her sexually aroused and she moans with delight every time he hits her. Sometimes she'll scream "yes" or "yes, harder" when he delivers some harder blows. She loves it. She doesn't fight back or try to block any hits. After about 2 minutes of that she grabs one of his punches and pulls him close. She gets a pouty look on her face and says "you're not hurting me at all, should I show you what I want?". She then punches him and sends back into the wall. They then have a back and forth fight for 2 minutes. both swapping punches. She loves being hit and hitting so she moans with delightful with every blow she lands and receives one (again screaming "yes" and sometimes letting him hit her multiple times without blocking or hitting back). She then grabs one of his fists and flips him to the ground. She gets on top of him and kisses him again. She then says "thats more like it". She then takes his arms and pins him to the ground, showing how much stronger she is than he is. He trys to escape and push her off of him, but he can't even move her. She just holds him down and looking she's having an orgasm. She rolls him over and starts squeezing his waist with her legs. She's screaming in ecstasy while he struggles in pain. Sometimes he lands a few blows on her to try and free himself, but she loves it. After a minute she tosses him off of her using her legs. He's wrecked on the ground. She gets up and pulls him to his feet and pushes him agains the wall again. She gives him one more kiss and then throat lifts him. She then whispers that she's not finished with him yet. She drops him and then drags him to the bedroom. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel gets a pleasure from the fight

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