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  • Sasha takes revenge for her sister

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First 2 minutes - Sasha flash backs twin sister’s demise

Scene opens with Sasha in her pyjamas dress sitting on the floor, holding a picture of her own self (to represent her twin sister). She looks sad and closes her eyes, she cries “My sister”..

She has a memory flashback (maybe make this scene video color almost black and white, or old school style). In the flash back - Sasha will wear a white long sleeve shirt tied at the belly, the top buttons unbuttoned to reveal her bra, black pants and heels. Sasha’s twin sister is seen struggling to stand with read liquid on her mouth. The main bad guy is seen laughing, he doesn’t have mask. He punches her stomach and she falls to one knee holding her belly in pain. He then gives her a big heat butt, and reacts by covering her face and falls to her knees and finally to all fours hands and knees. The main bad guy kicks her in the stomach 3-4x. He then grabs her hair and positions her to kneel, he touches her neck and hair gently. And then gives her a neck snap.

Next 6 minutes - Sasha interrogates a bad guy with masks

Sasha walks in the scene with denim skirt, red tank top and white long sleeve shirt over, tie at the belly and unbuttoned, heels. She wears a sunglasses. Basically same outfit as Sasha punishes the pervert who dares lift up her skirt. PartII, but replace black jacket with long sleeve shirt.

She removes the sunglasses. First she sneaks up to a bad guy with masks, and gives him a chokehold from behind. Demanding to know the location of the boss. He doesn’t give it, so she snaps his neck.

Then she enters a room where a bad guy with masks is seen working on a desk, seated. She sneaks up behind him, gives him a neck chop and put him in a chokehold, again demanding to know location of boss. They struggle and she drags him by the chokehold until they are standing. He then elbows her in the stomach, and bends down and he hits her on her back. She will drop to the desk, like picture below. He will give her few punches and knees  to the stomach, her hands doesn’t leave the table but she till put her hands near her belly when she is hit, showing pain.

After few punches, as he is about to hit her again, she grabs his arm and elbows his head. He falls to the ground. She jumps on him and give him a chokehold, and choke him until he pass out / faints.

He wakes up seated on a chair, hands handcuffed to the back. She asks him where is the boss, he says he is not telling. She punch his head and stomach a couple of times. She also gives some kicks and knees to the stomach. She then pulls out a blade. She will sexily sit on his lap with her facing his face, and his face at her chest level. She asks him if he likes what he sees, and it will be the last thing he sees if he doesn’t tell. She then stands up and stabs him in the knee (some SFX to show read liquid splatter). He screams out loud in pain. He agrees to reveal the location. Sasha then smiles. Very good she says. She then sexily touches his chest and neck area. Then from the back, she will use the blade to cut his throat (SFX to show read liquid splatter). Show bad guy from dying from throat cut, he will tremble until stop tremble.

Next 7 minutes - fight with main bad guy

Mostly even fight, with Sasha as the stronger fighter.

Sasha will walk into the scene with new outfit. Exactly same as Sasha punishes the pervert who dares lift up her skirt. PartII. She wears sunglasses also.

She meets the main bad guy. She tells him that he will pay for what he did to her twin sister. He laughs. He says he had a very good time with her sister and he enjoyed watching her demise. She gets very upset and they fight.

Fight points:

- Sasha to land most hits to bad guy

- Bad guy to land one or two hits to her face and stomach

- Towards the end, he will get in a sneak hit to her head. She will fall to the floor. He will pull her hair until she is kneeling, and give her a big knee to her chin. Follow example GIF attached, can do slow-mo too. This scene can be in one end of the room.

- Continue from knee to chin, she falls to her hands and knees like GIF 1. He then kicks her stomach 4-5x across the room. Each kick will be hard to make her roll, example GIF 2. She will struggle to get back to hands and knees and gets kicked.

 As he is going to kick her one more time, she grabs his leg and injures the leg / breaks it. And she will finish the main bad guy in anger.

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Sasha takes revenge for her sister

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