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  • Melanie wins 2 men with her legs

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minute 1: Melanie, wearing a bikini (bare legs and feet, no pantyhose) is held prisoner watched by two guards; she sits with her hands tied behind her back and start to sensually move her legs to seduce the men

minute 2: as the guards attracted by her sensual legs come closer she kicks simultaneously both of the in the groin, then she smiles, the men are surprised, they think she wants to play "hard to get" so continue to try to move towards her and she continues to stop them with playful kicks (one man at once)

minute 3: as the attempts  continue the men become more more aggressive; Melanie stops smiling as her kicks become gradually more hard until she beats one of them almost senseless with a quick combination of kicks and grab the second in a headscissor leaving him exhausted on the floor

minute 4-5: as the guards are on the floor harmless Melanie runs away to escape but the door is closed; the men are back on their feet and attack again for the final fight with this final sequence: one man holds Melanie from behind and she kicks the second first in the groin, then with both feet in the face, the second man falls on the floor but is able to be back on his feet attacking again with a fist; Melanie dodges the attack and the man hits the the other that was holding her; now the second man grabs her from behind while the first is stunned; Melanie still with hands tide grabs the balls of the man holding her from behind, the man moaning in pain, while catching the other in a head scissors with hear legs; the men slowly go down untile senseless, Melanie finishing the one behind with a head strike back. Ending shot with a quick victory pose with the men on the floor and Melanie putting her foot over one of them.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie wins 2 men with her legs

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