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  • Melanie destroys a gang of strippers

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Scene One - break in and capture (5 minutes)

Melanie is a private detective on a mission. She sneaks into a notorious gang HQ to look for evidence of crimes. She finds documents on the desk and takes photos with her phone, but then she is discovered when gang members Carly, Ivy and Ronda walk in.

The girls grab Melanie's phone and order her to stand facing the pillar so they can search her for hidden weapons. They frisk Melanie and then order her to take off her coat. They frisk her again and then order her to take off her top and skirt. Now Melanie is in her underwear and they can see she has no weapons, so they laugh. Melanie gets mad and decides to fight back. There is a brief fight back and fro with punches and kicks, but they soon grab Melanie and then Ronda knocks her out with a kick.

Scene Two - interrogation dance (6-7 minutes)

Melanie wakes up, but now she is sitting in a chair and her wrists are tied behind her back. Ivy, Carly and Ronda take turns to individually interrogate and tease Melanie and make her talk. They demand answers to questions, for example "Who sent you?" "What do you know?" The girls make this interrogation a sexy dance. They each use the dance pole as a base to launch attacks at Melanie.    

First Carly pole dances and attacks Melanie in the chair with kicks. Next Ivy pole dances and also attacks with kicks and slaps. Finally Ronda pole dances for a little longer and also attacks Melanie. Melanie still refuses to talk, so Carly and Ivy make Melanie to stand and hold her against the pole. Ronda punches and kicks Melanie in the belly, and then she leans against the wall and pins Melanie's neck against the pole with her foot. Melanie finally falls down.

Scene Three - fight back dance! (9-10 minutes)

Melanie wakes up and this time her wrists are free but she is still held against the pole by Carly and Ivy. Ronda slaps and knees Melanie and then moves behind her. Ronda climbs the pole and scissors Melanie's neck. Ronda uses the move from Ronda dances for the impolite customer, 'Lets see if my legs can make you talk!' Ronda squeezes and tries hard, but incredibly Melanie resists. Now Ronda's legs are tired and Melanie can push them open wide. Ronda's legs accidentally kick Carly and Ivy when they swing open and they both fall to the ground. Melanie moves away from the pole and now she has a chance!

The gang girls circle Melanie and they think the fight will be easy, but they are wrong. They are all dancing. The fight is intense. At first it is even, back and fro. Both sides have turns controlling the pole, but Melanie slowly takes control. She moves quicker and can evade the gang girls attacks more easily. Now Melanie goes all out attack with kicks, knees, punches and wrestling holds, using the pole, the wall and the floor for her combination attacks. Be creative. Soon only Melanie is still dancing. Ivy, Carly and Ronda all get beaten up and eventually are lying on the floor moaning and groaning. 'Maybe now I will interrogate YOU!' says Melaine.

Scene Four - Final dance (4 minutes)

Melanie stalks and dances around the three fallen gang girls. Now to finish them one by one. 

First Melanie picks up Carly by the hair and shoves her against the pole. Melanie climbs the pole and scissors Carly's neck facing her. Carly begs and gives Melanie the code to the Safe. Melanie laughs, leans back and squeezes until Carly falls away from the pole. Melanie does a sexy pole dismount. 

Next Melanie dances over and straddles Ivy. She sits down and does the splits with the back of her leg pressed to Ivy's neck. Ivy gasps and begs. She tells Melanie that Ronda is the ringleader and she knows everything, but again Melanie just laughs and bounces on Ivy's neck until she finishes her.

Finally, Melanie looks for Ronda. Ronda manages to stand up, but Melanie quickly pounces and applies a headlock. Melanie drags Ronda over to the sofa and pulls her down on top of her. [So Melanie is sitting behind Ronda]. 'Lets see if my legs can make YOU talk!' she mocks. Melanie wraps her legs around Ronda's sides and squeezes hard from behind. Ronda moans and pleads for mercy. Melanie laughs again and moves her legs around Ronda's neck in a figure 4 position, still sitting down. Melanie squeezes until Ronda is finished. Melanie unhooks her legs and slides off the sofa.

Scene Five - victory dance (2 minutes)

Melanie is triumphant and has all the evidence she needs. She does one final dance on the pole then dances around her fallen rivals and takes selfies. She picks up her coat and walks out. Close up of her ass and legs from behind as she leaves. She turns around one final time then exits. 

Final slow camera shots of Carly, Ivy and Ronda in various legs outstretched sexy defeated positions.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie destroys a gang of strippers

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