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  • Ivy the Goddess of dеаth

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I would like a video of about ten minutes where Ivy plays the role of a goddess who on earth pretends to be a dominatrix to reach these victims (sexy and arrogant).  

Part 1, Ivy is with her client (a man in a suit) she begins to seduce him then suddenly she uses her whip to try to сhoke him, but the client manages to defend himself, chokeholds Ivy and then breaks her neck  .  Part 2 he telephones, in the background Ivy gets up and puts her vertebrae back in place then jumps on the man, there is a fight where Ivy is defeated (with bearhug and backbreaker) at the end he breaks her neck again  time. 

Part 3 Ivy gets up laughing, she explains that she is a goddess and that no man can destroy her, she takes the advantage of the fight with a few kicks but when she wants to finish the man he defends himself with a blow  down, grabs the whip then starts сhoking Ivy, helpless she is defeated, then he finishes her off with a double necksnap. 

You're fool! Do you think you can destroy the Goddess?

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy the Goddess of dеаth

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