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  • Carly gets superpowers to take revenge on the bandits

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So the story is that Carly is effectively the wife of a powerful criminal. Therefore, she was tied to a chair by three masked men in order to be able to epress him with whatever you want.

What the three criminals didn't know was that the boss made provisions for his wife and if she got into an emergency, she should close her eyes and think firmly of the words "super power".

After a short time there was a flash and Carly was no longer tied to the chair, but was standing next to it with a new outfit. She couldn't believe it herself and certainly not the criminals. The criminals said she would be beaten for doing so, but as she carefully raised her hands, the movement of her hands seemed to give one of them a kind of slap in the face. Dumbfounded, nobody knew what was going on. She tested it again by raising her hands and holding them towards another. He also seems to have been given a kind of slap in the face. She giggled and saw a connection. Then she slightly bent her right arm and made a slap gesture with only her hand to the one who then slapped something in the face. She laughed.

One by one, the criminals wanted to rush you, but your gestures threw you back against the wall. One got really mad and insulted you badly. She slapped him, but he didn't stop. She tried something else and again slightly bent her right arm, but this time made a telekinetic choke gesture "Darth Vader". He stopped insulting you in mid-sentence, clutched his neck and gasped for air.

To demonstrate her power a little more, she slightly moved her arm so that it was lifted off the ground (feet can be seen dangling in the air). She smiled.

The other two looked at their colleague in horror and asked Carly to stop. After a short time she stopped and he fell to the ground. The other two looked at you in horror. She grinned and said come on you wanted to fight me. The two said no with slightly raised hands. She grinned and said she wants to fight you guys though. To do this, she walked dominantly with her hands on her hips on the two, who slowly withdrew from her. After a gesture of your hand, you were thrown against the wall and held there. She grinned and said you want to fight. To do this, she makes a gesture and the two spread their arms and legs so that they could not move. Carly grinned and punched and kicked the two.

After that she thought she could do more. She feels strong and tenses her arms. She took an iron bar and bent it slightly into a circle. She grinned and looked down at her hands. She put her hands on her hips and glared at the man lying on the ground. He understood the gesture and stood up slowly. He pulled away from her while she slowly and dominantly walked towards him. He gestured with his hands that he would like to surrender. After he couldn't go any further and touched the wall, Carly grabbed his neck with his right hand. Then she lifted him in the air (you can see her feet dangling). Still grabbing her neck, she ran with him to the others (you can see her feet dangling in the air in the direction of walking). When she arrived at the other two, she dropped him.

She turned to the other two and asked who wanted to be next. Both shook their heads. She selected one and snapped her fingers so it fell at your feet. After that, Carly grabbed him by the shoulder and lifted him into the air. She was using only one arm now and tensing her other arm. She asked him how strong she was. The man couldn't answer. She dropped it and turned to the next one. She telekinetically used a finger to lift him. After that she dropped him and just used a finger under his chin to lift him up. She grinned at how good that feels. Then you let him fall to the ground again.

As everyone was on the ground and slowly getting up, they yielded away from her. Carly liked that and grinned. She grinned and said what do you think I'm big too. You can see from the side how Carly is getting bigger in relation to the three criminals. Now she is 2.7m tall. She is walking towards the three now, the camera view is from Carly's shoulder. At the end all three kneel with their hands in front of her.

In the next scene, Carly is lying on the couch with her feet on a criminal. The other two kneel beside her. Your husband is coming back. He couldn't believe what he saw. She said these are my new slaves. You have surrendered to her. But how that asked the man? Carly got up and went to her husband.

First she got big, in the next scene she shrank to normal size. The man couldn't believe what he saw. Carly grabbed him by the shoulder and lifted him in the air (you can see his feet dangling). She said that she is the boss now and that he should kneel in front of her. At first he nodded, but when she let him down he started insulting her. As he continued to speak, she bent her right arm and made a choking gesture. He slowly stopped talking and fell to the ground. He said with his last breath that he would do what she said. She left him and he knelt in front of her.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly gets superpowers to take revenge on the bandits

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