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  • Naomi makes the guy to say the code

Custom clip request 

Naomi will be the girl, she wears a long sleeve jacket, but with her bare hands visible. She wears glasses too, with red lipstick.

One guy (maybe not too big, at your discretion). This guy will appear 2 times. The first time masked and then unmasked.

The clip will contain 2 fights with 2 finger breaking scenes.

10 minutes aprox, russian with english subtitles is enough.

This is the script:

A local gang steals an USB disk from Naomi, and she has to recover It.

She enters in a building/room and a masked guy is here. She asks about the USB and the guy says that she will never recover It. A fight starts. Naomi shows ver superiority, but the guy can hit her one ir two Times. Finally she throws him to the ground, and she grabs a leg and breaks it. He screams in pain, and she grabs an arm and breaks It too. She asks for the USB and he doesn't say anything. She says "really?" and grabs his other hand starting breaks his fingers one by one. After 3 o 4 fingers he confesses that his boss has the USB, but he can't say where he is, because his boss will finish him. Naomi says that if he doesn't say her where his boss is, she will break his neck like this (and she broke his last finger). He screams and confesses. She then breaks his neck with her hands.

She goes to the boss location. He is unmasked and says that her USB is in the box over a table, but only he has the password to open It. A fight starts and is an equal fight. After a while she manages to grab him by the balls and he screams agonizongly. She says to put his hands behind his head. He obeys and she leaves him. He crouches and she kicks him on his head and he falls to the floor.

When he awakes he is tied like in "Psycho girl Gerda plays with her victim". She has a hammer in her hand, and asks again for the password. He says her nothing and she starts hit him with the hammer. After a while he calls her "fucking bitch" and she gets angry. She says that maybe she has to punish him, and grabs one hand and starts breaking his fingers. With each finger, she counts from 3 to 0 to rattle him. Please make this scene slow, and show well her little hands. With all his fingers broken he gives her the password and she breaks his neck.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi makes the guy to say the code

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  • Product Length: 15 minutes
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