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  • Naomi manages to stop her stomach punishment

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The clip with Carol is one of the best so far. Can you do a repeat with Naomi? With her outfit from "Evil Goddesses Gerda and Naomi play with their Victims" - tank top, black skirt, heels, colorful thongs. Same male actor. 10 minutes video.

The points for clip #3 all repeat. Some main ones to re-highlight, some additional ones too:

- no rapid punch/kicks

- Naomi to react bending forward holding her belly, some punches makes her drop to her knees holding her belly

- the knee lifts and kicks to Carol's belly with her hands on table and wall was really well shot. Do this a little more.

- new point, the facing wall kidney punches. If Naomi can stand straight like hugging the wall while punched is ideal, her back will bend backwards from impact instead of forward. Like attached GIF.

- I like that scenes with Carol kicked in the belly on her hands and knees is spread out the clip, like some at start, middle, end all has this. Maintain this. Also when you shoot on of this scene, have Naomi in the exact position as Carol below (head on floor, body slanting down, one leg stretched out with belly exposed and other leg curled in). She will get kicked few times, hands and arms to remain on floor, kick impact to just lift her body and legs up. Each kick she will let out big grunt.

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Naomi manages to stop her stomach punishment

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