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  • Stomach resistance competition for Tiffany

The video suggests one-sided domination of a large man (Rob) over a girl's stomach. It is essentially a sadistic video with intense suffering of the girl. In short I would like a video similar in everything, including the reaction to punches and blows to the stomach, to Hard punishment of Lillian*s stomach and others in the series.

Tiffany is new and hasn't been to Rob's stomach check yet. Rob checks Tiffany's stomach with super strong punches to the stomach with a fatal punch at the end. Rob gives Tiffany a serum that multiplies her pain and suffering, the sensation of the punch, and relaxes her stomach, but nevertheless keeps Tiffany from passing out as much as possible. The total annihilation of Tiffany's belly is something she has never experienced before. Tiffany suffers greatly and emotionally from the pain, making heavy noises and reacting violently to the blows.

Beginning. Rob: "It's been a long time since I've had anyone. You're out of luck, your stomach will be destroyed."

Tiffany: "We'll see."

Then the punches. The punker pulls her body up by her arms, belly slightly retracted, throws a super strong top-down punch, she immediately suffers emotionally and is in a lot of pain. She realizes that she is going to have to experience incredible pain.

During the first punch, Tiffany, trying to tease Rob and show as if she's not in pain, even though her appearance shows otherwise, says, "Deeper you sick bastard" and Rob says - "asked for it yourself" strikes next, pushing her fist deeper into Tiffany's stomach.

Description of punches: It would be nice if you can lift the girl a little bit on the bat (well, that's if possible). I ask to make all blows deep, strong and continuous with leaving the fist and bat in a little retracted belly (the belly if possible is relaxed, this is not punching the abs) and pushing through the belly or a series of strong blows (Rob already knows what kind from other videos), the girl's belly as if to put a fist on the bat with great power. The blows are mainly to the stomach, the upper abdomen.

Lateral blows with a leg, bat, etc., please remove, only direct punches!

Further in the process of beating there can rarely be any phrases, but not necessarily: "well, how do you feel", "breathe deeply", she sometimes says that it hurts, asks to let go.

The important thing (I beg to differ)! Reactions and sounds when she hits her stomach are strong and emotional, but the girl does not scream, does not moan, but makes heavy throaty sounds (groans). I attach approximate samples for understanding. The most important thing is the sounds, accordingly, if the retracted belly strongly hinders the making of sounds, then we do not retract it strongly or do not retract at all. The girl does not make sudden body movements and does not kick.

She opens her mouth, does not close her eyes (if only briefly to express pain), sometimes tilts her head back a bit (but not strongly), reacts emotionally and strongly, her neck, veins in her neck and collarbones are tense, she is almost red, she is short of breath, sometimes sticks her toes up from the power of the blow, her body is not completely still and can react painfully to blows, shudder, etc.

She makes heavy throaty sounds at blows, as if she is being crushed and is being run over by a car on her stomach, but she is conscious (not moaning or just screaming), sounds as if she is holding her breath.

VIDEO STRUCTURE. BASE POSES before the punch, series of punches.

Before the punch and mostly during the punch standing with her hands behind her head, abdomen retracted and stretched (semi-vacuum), the girl stretches out. Sometimes during the punch she rises up as if on her toes.

Sometimes, when hitting, she lowers her hands and holds on to the hand of the puger or bat, but does not lower her body forward strongly. Sometimes during the bat at the end of a hit, Rob plays the bat in the stomach, lifting the bat up, slightly to the side with a vigorous response from the girl.

After the hits, Tiffany often falls to the floor for a short pause, goes down the wall and sits with her legs stretched out on the floor or lies down and holds her belly, but then Rob returns her to basic poses after a short pause, lifting her by the throat and hair, etc.)


1) 7 minutes - Fist punches to stomach in standing pose with hands behind head (body can play and move freely). Fully dressed.

2)7 min - hitting with bat (mostly thin end) while standing, hands up or down.

3) 6 min - the girl's stomach and the girl is stretched out on the chair (back on the chair, head and legs kind of hanging down, sometimes Rob additionally stretches the girl's left hand by the throat and hits with the right) on the floor, + some beating lying down with leg and bat blows to the stomach (girl on her back).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stomach resistance competition for Tiffany

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