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  • Gut punching competition. Steve vs Clark

Custom clip request 

Steve and Clark would like to have a gutpunch contest to see who has the toughest abs. They only gutpunch each other in the video and the punches should be deep and the fist should hold in the gut for a few seconds. 

There will be three rounds. In the first round, Steve dominates the match and successfully avoids the punches from Clark and continuously gut punches him deeply. Soon Clark cannot stand the punch and finally spits out and faints.

Steve flexes and mocks his fainted opponent.

Soon Clark regains his consciousness and they start the second round. This time, Clark finally sees Steve’s moves and successful avoids his attacks and gut punches Steve continuously and deeply. Soon, Steve cannot stand the punch and spits out and faints. Clark flexes and says he won’t be defeated so easily.

Then Steve regains his consciousness and they start the final round. This time, sometimes Steve dominates and sometimes Clark dominates. They try their best to withstand the gut punches and somehow they can feel that they nearly spit out. 

Please make two endings, with one in which Steve wins and one in which Clark wins.

Steve wins:

Trying his best not to spit out, Steve takes a deep breath and avoids all the attacks from Clark and gives him a very deep gut punch (with his fist staying in the opponent’s gut for five seconds and the camera should show Clark mourning and finally spits out quite violently) After Clark loses his consciousness and drops, Steve holds him up again and gives him one final gut punch. Clark spits out violently. Steve taps Clark’s gut and flexes, saying that he is the champion.

Clark wins:

Steve gives Clark a very deep gutpunch and Clark spits out. Steve thinks that Clark has lost but in fact Clark is still conscious. Clark silently attacks Steve and gut punches him continuous and finally offers him a very deep gutpunch which makes Steve spits out violently (again, the fist should be staying in the gut for five seconds and the camera shows Steve mourning and spitting eventually). After Steve loses drops, Clark gently lifts Steve up a little bit (Steve should be lying on the floor) and he asks Steve “Any last words?”

“You’ve won. Finish me… you deserve it.”

Clark offers him a final gut punch, which is also very deep, and Steve spits out violently and faints.

“It was a close match,” says Clark, flexing his muscles and leaves. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gut punching competition. Steve vs Clark

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