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Rhea escaping horror

Length: Approximately 25 minutes

Cast: 1 female, 2 male

Language: English

Actress: Rhea

Actor: 2 male actors, both to play multiple roles by wearing mask or make up. Location: Indoor location that is dark, with controlled lighting through out the video. This

location looks good:

Female outfit: Red dress like in Diana was hired to eliminate the gang, with leg gun holder. Also white underwear. Her hair can be natural, tied like in Rhea seduces and destroys the

bandits but you do as you like. Male outfit: Ordinary clothes for zombies, army clothes for bad guys. For actors to play

zombies. For the boss male outfit, he is a large half zombie. Outfit can be a long black coat, black long pants with make up. Something like Nemesis.

Accessories: Hand gun for Rhea, machine gun for bad guys like AK47 or paintball gun, table, sofa

Fight style: Karate. Female to receive majority belly hits, limited face hits. Special effect: Gunshot SFX since the scenes are darker

Summary script:

Inspired by Resident Evil game. Rhea is in a location with zombies and bad guys who createdthe virus. She fights both zombies and bad guys. Her intention is to escape. First 1 minute (this scene should be quite dark):

Open with scene showing empty “less lighted location”. Then zombies then enter the scenewalking around. Then Rhea is seen as a dark alley walking towards a door with a gun, like


She is on the phone, telling that “There is a zombie virus. People are becoming zombies. I

need to get out”. Next 3 minutes (fight with zombies - this scene should be quite dark). Can be in this location:

The scene shows Rhea jumping doing a roll across the scene, with a “diving” somersault typerole like pic, landing on one knee bending. She then starts to shoot the zombies (sound

effect only ok). The zombies are finished.

Other zombies (same actors) hears the gun shots, and runs to her zombie style. With their

hands floating up like zombies, one zombie reach for her neck and choke her. She drops thegun. She says “Get away from me”. She then fights the zombies, karate style. She will destroy the zombies with neck snaps. Zombies don’t punch or kick, they are only trying to bite her. Next 2 minutes (Shooting with masked soldier)

She picks the gun and continues navigating the building. She can pose as Ada Wong a long

the way. She is looking for the main door. She then meets two soldier with machine gun at the other side. A shooting scene takes place. She fires her gun while taking cover at the the wall/door, the soldiers returns fire. She may

do some stunts like rolling on floor, and she will shoot again and destroy them. Next 7 minutes (fight with more soldiers, she will get pushed around the room, on table)

Rhea enters a location with a table and looks around. A soldier walks from the back and

points his pistol to her head. He says “Don’t move. Drop the gun. Hands up”. She follows. His

partner walks in, carrying a machine gun. He says “Who are you? Are you an agent?”. She

replies “I can’t tell you”. He says “You bitch, you will tell me”. She replies “Go to hell”.

Both soldiers laugh. He then use his machine gun end to hit her very hard in the belly (pushhit, no baseball type swings). She makes a loud grunt in pain, bending down with armcrossing her stomach from the impact but standing, like this (with both arms):

The soldier says “Does it hurt?”. She doesn’t reply. He pulls her hair to make her body

standing straight. Again he uses his machine gun to hit her in the belly. She makes a big

grunt, this time she slowly bends and drops to one knee in pain, holding her stomach. Shesays “Fuck. My stomach”. The soldier then gives her a big knee to her chin. She will fall

backwards to the floor. The soldiers then stomp on her stomach few times. She slowly in pain gets to her hands and knees. One of the soldiers pick her up by her hair

and clothes, and throws her across the room. She rolls a few times while bring thrown. The soldier then picks her up, push her against the wall. And gives few hard punches to her

stomach and ribs. Each hit, she will react like the above picture arms across belly. A final

knee to the belly makes her drop to her hands and knees. The soldier picks her up and holds her hands from behind. The other soldier will punch her

belly and ribs, left and right hooks one at a time, not rapid punches. The front soldiers thenmoves his hands over her chests, giving a light squeeze. “Very beautiful” he says. She says “Fuck you. Don’t touch me”. He punches her one more time. Then they will push her to the table. In pain, her hands will be across the table, bending

down like this:

With her belly exposed, the soldier will give few upper cut punch to her belly, and some

knee lifts. Her hands does not leave the table at the hits, she will react with impact lifting her

body up. They then push her on the table, with her lying on the table. The soldier will then choke her

with the machine run while he stands in front at her head, while the other punch her belly

few times. She then falls of the table, landing on her hands and knees all fours. The soldier then kick her

stomach 3x-4x, slowly allowing her to rise back up before getting kicked again. Next 2 minutes (She destroys the soldiers)

With her looking defeated, she kicks the soldiers in the balls. She fights themmore. She will

finish them.

fNext 10 minutes (zombie boss fight - scene involves a sofa where she gets pushed aroundon the sofa)

This scene can be the usual indoor studio. Wonder if some lights can be turned off or

dimmed. Her belly is now injured, she will hold her belly walking. She searches for the main door. Andthe big bad boss, who is half zombie, is standing at the door. He says “You will not escape”. She asks him “Why did you make this zombie virus?”. He says “They will be my soldiers inthe future, I will control the future. And you will be destroyed”. And he laughs. She shoots himwiththe gun but no impact. They fight. This fight is flexible. You can do something, start with zombie being clumsy withzombie moves as she hits him, but slowly he gets stronger and gives her a beating. Last she will finish him with her legs. Show her struggling to choke with legs given he is zombie, neck

snap. - She gets pushed around the sofa like thrown across the sofa, she can land on the cushion- On the sofa she gets punched in belly

- She will try to get up from the soft but with belly exposed (again like above pic, but withsofa). He will punch her belly few times and kicks too.

- Add some kidney punches facing the wall as well, like Sasha looking for treasures]

- Against the wall, he will lightly touch over her chests, which she will struggle to fight himback. - She will fall to her hands and knees all fours, he will kick her more times 6x-7x. No crawling. She suffers and takes time to get back on all fours. Between kicks, he will ask her “Does it

hurt, baby?” +”Does your stomach hurt?” with zoom to his face, he says smiling. Zoomback

to her face who shows pain. She will whisper “my stomach, my stomach”. Movie ends with her finding the escape door / main door. 

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Zombie Hunter Rhea

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