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  • Melanie punishes her guest for insubordination

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Melanie sits in a chair, legs crossed with heels on and a man enters.

Melanie “Madame X let me know that you have done well with the pantyhose conditioning. She said you followed the instructions well”

Male "Yes I am ready for more”

Melanie “Good - We reward well for obedience" Melanie laughs

Melanie stands up from the chair and removes one of her heels and points her pantyhose foot to the floor arching like a ballerina. As Melanie points her foot and arches it, she pulls up on the pantyhose which are under the pants as if to straighten the pantyhose.

Melanie “Come here and have a look- crawl”

The man crawls to her pantyhose foot and stares at her foot memorized as Melanie continues to point her foot. (Close camera shot of foot arching like a ballerina)

Melanie “You know what to do next- lie down on your back”

The man lies flat on his back. 

Melanie puts her foot back into the shoe and sits back down in the chair with the man flat on his back beneath her. She reaches for a pair of brown pantyhose and dangles the pantyhose in front of his face letting them brush his face and lets them drop on his face.

Melanie crosses her legs and dangles one heel exposing her pantyhose foot. The dangling of the heel/shoe is right above the man's face where he lies on his back. 

Melanie “Did you bring the thumb drive?”

Man "I left it at the house”

Melanie “Oh I see"

Melanie drops the heel she was dangling and twirls her pantyhose foot in a circular motion above the man's face then plants her foot on his face and moves the foot around.

Melanie “You were instructed to bring it here. You failed instructions. How did you break conditioning?”

Man “ I don’ know what you mean”

Melanie places her foot on his face to smother and he struggles to breath and she lifts her foot.

Melanie  "Get up" The man stands up and Melanie stands up to face him

Melanie’s cell phone rings and she answers it. She kicks off one heel and arches her foot again and the man stares while she is on her phone the puts her foot back into the shoe/heel

Melanie “I see - that is too bad. I will take care of it”

Melanie puts the phone away and stares at the man for a second

Melanie “You must go back to your place to get it now"

Man "What about the treatment?”

Melanie “Go now - we will continue when you bring the thumb drive back- get going”

He turns around with his back to Melanie - and proceeds to walk toward the door slowly.

Melanie removes both heels (camera shot of Melanie removing heels and showing pantyhose feet)

Melanie walks behind him as he inches to the door. Melanie clutches her scarf and then removes it from her neck. She holds the scarf extended on both ends like a loop as she stalks him from behind. She then wraps the scarf quickly around the man's neck twice and tightens into a loop сhoскling him from behind. She tightens the ends into a tighter loop and he makes сhoскed sounds.

Melanie (laughing) "You cannot fool me. I know you broke the conditioning because you didn't bring the drive as instructed"    

With the scarf сhoск still in place she yanks him back into the room and to the floor. 

She continues to сhoск him from behind dropping to her knees pushing him to the floor. Melanie then wraps her legs around him to scissor him while continuing to сhoск him with the scarf as he struggles.

Melanie releases the scarf сhoск and releases the scissor and stands up while he remains dazed on the floor.

Melanie “If you crawl out I might let you escape my punishment”

Melanie stands to his side as he crawls and viciously kicks him six times to the groin or gut as he crawls. The seventh kick is to the face which breaks his crawl stance and knocks him senseless to the floor.

Melanie “This is the treatment you get for not following instructions"

She stands him up and holds his arm out extended. While holding his arm she bends him forward slightly and kicks him four times in the groin. She lets go of his arm and follows up with a high kick to the face and side kick to the chest which floors him knocking him out.

Melanie takes off your pants and is now in pantyhose and shirt only. She grabs a brown stocking and puts it on her face as a mask. 

Melanie slaps him in the face to wake him up.”How did you break the conditioning?"

Man incoherent on the floor and in a daze mumbles something...

Melanie stands him up and karate chops him twice and side kicks him in the chest then a kick to the face which dazes him.

The man walks stumbling but doesn’t fall.

Melanie grabs the pantyhose she teased him with earlier and extends the pantyhose like a weapon loop and slowly walks toward the dazed man with pantyhose extended like a loop or rope.

While holding the pantyhose like a weapon Melanie does 3 frontal kicks to the man’s face with a fourth drop kick to the face knocking him to the floor. 

She  approaches while he is on the floor dazed and wraps the pantyhose quickly two times around his neck and сhoскes him from behind for a short while- tightening as he makes сhoскed sounds.

Melanie releases the сhoск, dropping the pantthose to the floor. She stands him up and slaps him twice followed by a front kick to the face which floors him.

Dazed he begins to crawl and Melanie gets to his side and delivers 3 swift kicks to the groin and a kick to the face knocking him out again.

Melanie gets on the floor and places the brown pantyhose she teased him with earlier on to his face. She slaps him to wake him up and scissors him with her pantyhose legs and from behind wraps the pantyhose ends that are on his face into a loop and сhoскes him until he succumbs

The End 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie punishes her guest for insubordination

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