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  • Mortal Combat. Rhea vs Sasha

Custom clip request 

Girls are both bare legged in stilettos and one-piece suits.  Like Sasha in her resent Destroys the man with her legs and Rhea in Completing her mission but with no panty hose.    I realize you may have to stretch out scenes but I'd prefer more fight and less holds no choking.   If you could have Rhea wear her hair up like in her fight with the bandit and Mabel or at least start that way that would be appreciated.

I thought I'd give you an idea of what I was looking for as a beginning and the transition to the end and then you can fill in the action and their attitudes with what the brief description, I'll give below tells you.

Both women start out approaching each other and then circling each other with confidant smirks on their faces.  (not long, their not sizing each other up, they have both decided they would win already)

One of them gives the other a mocking smooch and it's on.   The other snaps a fast right jab into the one that mocked her's mouth.  Her head flies back and no sooner is she ready when she gets another shot to the face.  She retaliates with a right and left hook but their blocked and then she gets a kick to the crotch doubling her over with a grunt.  Her opponent grabs her by her hair and side of her swimsuit and starts nailing her with one knee after the other leaving her doubled over.  Then having her hand still in her hair, the aggressor steadies her and plows her right knee into her forehead sending her to her back.

The woman that was sent to the floor is allowed by the woman standing to get up with a smirk.

When she does, they circle and she and she tries a kick but the other woman catches her leg with her left arm and pops three right jabs to her face.  

She stumbles back into the wall and the other peruses her and uses her for a punching bag with left and right uppercuts to the gut and combination strikes to her face until she slides down the wall and drops to her haunches.  (another side point...although they both respond to any attacks with grunt and moans, neither whimper or ask for no more...neither want to give the other that satisfaction.  They are proud.

Obviously to get 7 minutes with one in control you can move around the beginning and throw in your own innovations.  There is a good amount of nasty low blows too but I hope that gives you some idea of what I'm wanting.  

The transition where the fight slides the other way can be you own idea or one pulls the other up off the floor to finish her and locks her in a front head lock and gets a nasty surprise as the other brings up her leg and snaps a kick into her face.  The first mule kick doesn't free her but the second does and the other woman stumbles back dumbfounded.  Now the tides have changed and the other woman gets her 7 minutes or so.  The end is a decisive pummeling with attempts at a defense by the other but with no success.  The end is a clear undisputed knockout with a kick or kicks or uppercuts or something you decide but just not anti-climactic or a neck snap.  ( a lot of right and left uppercuts by both while being trapped by the other against the wall.

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Mortal Combat. Rhea vs Sasha

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