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  • Tom vs cyborg in Mortal Combat

Custom clip request 

Tom is shirtless in fight shorts

Cyborg is any female actor in full leather attire like last customization

Fight starts with Tom flexing and showing the Cyborg it is finished. Tom starts of well raining blows and kicks to the cyborg. The cyborg tries to counter but Tom manages to counter it's move

As the fight progresses, Tom starts to dismantle the cyborg, breaking it's arms and legs. Finally at into about 4 minutes of the fight,  Tom headscissors the Cyborg in a kneeling position and is about to deliver a fatal neck snap to the Cyborg with his leg. Before doing so, Tom gets complacents and poses a victory pose with the dismantled cyborg.

Just as he is about to do so, the Cyborg regenerates his dismantled body parts and suprises attacks Tom by breaking the leg Tom has around Cyborg's neck.

Tom screams in pain and limps away, continuing the fight. Tom continues to rain punches but the Cyborg like in Steve fights now learns Tom's move and starts to hit Tom with painful pinch, kicks and uppercut to his torso, head and back.

Tom is quickly weakened as the fight progresses and begins to fall into a daze as Cyborg blows continue to rain on Tom. 

A vengeful Cyborg then proceeds to stuns Tom by squeezing his balls. Tom tries to get the Cyborg to release by elbowing her hand but this angers the Cyborg which then catches one of Tom's punch, gets him into a thumb lock and proceeds to caresses Tom's chest and armpits. In this scene, show Tom, dazed in pain while clutching his balls with the other hand.

Then have Finish Him sound effect here.

The cruel cyborg then proceeds to break it's opponent(Tom's) arm after admiring it causing him to fall on the floor screaming in pain

The cyborg then cruelly pulls an almost knocked out  Tom into a kneeling positon up by the head and knees him.

In a kneeling position, the Cyborg then cruelly breaks Tom's remaining arms and legs, then pulls him up again into a kneeling position and snap his neck ( have a front view scene of this) causing Tom to fall down unmoved

After that, the Cyborg pulls Tom by the head into a kneeling position and takes a selfie with its opponent. Show a photo of this at the end with Tom lifeless body within (show the chest and)

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tom vs cyborg in Mortal Combat

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