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  • Paula's mission to destroy the serum

Paula is engaged To retrieve the super strength serum. When she enters the lair she finds an armed guard defending it. Paula is unarmed but she is very skilled in combat and instantly gains control of the situation. Paula wants to make the guard to reveal where the serum is but he is well trained and doesn't want to reveal it. But Paula is too strong and in the end he is pushed to reveal it; will he be able to save his life?

At this point Paula can recover the precious serum but when she enters the guardian injects the serum in his neck and this is a big problem. In fact Paula is very strong but in front of the super strength serum she suffers hard. At one point Paula falls near the serum syringe and she realizes that there is a drop left, she injects it and this is enough for her to regain control of the duel. 

Paula wears a short red leather dress.

During the part with superpowers there are also some soft special effects.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Paula's mission to destroy the serum

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