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  • Tiffany makes big guys regret of bullying her brother

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You need to respect my big brother

Tiffany's older brother has been frequented the gym for years, he recently moved to another part of town and for convenience he joined a new gym but on his first day of attending he was bullied by 2 participants. Now he refuses to go to the gym even though it is his great passion. Tiffany has known this episode after noticing some strange behaviour from her older and bigger brother.

Tiffany is the younger sister, she is really well trained but she doesn’t attend regularly the gym, she has many hobbies, she did a single year of karate when she was thirteen and she actually keeps herself trained with dance and swimming but above all she hates arrogance and bullying.

The scene begins with Tiffany entering the gym where the two bullies are training, the two men see her and they are immediately attracted to this beautiful girl who has entered into the gym.

She is there to take revenge to the men and to to give them the chance to apologize to her brother and to ask him to come back to the gym again

The two men don’t accept this opportunity, on the contrary they want to profit of her.

They argue a little and so it begins a challenge.

Tiffany is superior to men and can manage them in any challenge.

The two men try everything but challenge after challenge they have to accept the Tiffany’s conditions. Tiffany dominates them in feats of strength and in fight, also 1 vs 2.

In the end her opponents can’t get up, she walks among them making a final speech, puts her feet on their face or chest and humiliates them, in the meantime she announces to them that she will come back on Monday evening. with her brother and they will have to apologize for what happened and ask him to go back to the gym and they will also have to be very convincing and kind because otherwise she will join them again in the gym but next time she will not be as tender as she was today.


Tiffany must use the largest variety of moves she knows during the fight.

General and very important things you must consider:

Everything must be totally one sided but the men must try to win but they can’t, they aren’t passive or ridiculous. They must be believable.

In general, in all the video, the idea is that Tiffany is self-confident despite she is only a dancer but she knows that women are superior.

I love teasing and humiliation for the big men.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany makes big guys regret of bullying her brother

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