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  • Super powerful Tiffany shows her strength

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Steven is casually leaning against a wall and Rob is standing next to him, laughing and
admiring his muscles in a room. They are aliens and talk about how they have defeated all
the heroes and militaries of Earth with their extremely strong MUSCLES. They are mighty
proud of their superior strength.
Tiffany enters the room in her "school uniform" with a dumbbell (regular size) in her hand,
which she lifts several times, and places it on the floor. Then she flexes her biceps and
seems very happy. Only now she notices Rob and Steven and looks at them dismissively:
"You're the guys who are currently causing chaos? You destroyed all the heroes and the
entire military of Earth? But you forgot something..." Rob and Steven look at her
questioningly. "We have heroines too, and one is standing in front of you." Rob starts
laughing loudly. Steven smiles casually. Rob walks up to Tiffany flexes his biceps and says
"And you little girl wants to stop us? Look at my muscles! If you don't get out of here right
now, I'm going to crush you with my pinky!" Tiffany is unimpressed and laughs as well, "I'm
afraid your MEN'S MUSCLES won't be enough to take on my FEMALE STRENGTH."
She flexes both her biceps and looks seriously at the camera. "You don't stand a chance! My
MUSCLES are much stronger than yours!"
We also see Rob's reaction in a close-up. He looks a little unsettled at first, but then laughs
again confidently. "I'll teach you some manners!"
As Tiffany continues to flex her biceps, Rob punches her stomach several times with his right
fist. Tiffany shows no reaction and looks at him seriously. Surprised, Rob grabs her right
shoulder with his left hand and strikes again several times with his right. Tiffany still shows
no reaction. Then she grabs Rob's LEFT WRIST on her shoulder with her LEFT HAND and
holds Rob's arm in front of her (audio crushing bones). Since Rob is much taller than Tiffany,
he is down on his knees. He grabs Tiffany's WRIST with his free hand and tries
unsuccessfully to free himself for three to four minutes. She just looks at him motionless and
smiles. In between he also punches different parts of her body and then grabs her wrist
again. Several close-ups of Rob (desperation, pain, fear)) and Tiffany (evil smile).
Tiffany says in between: "Do you feel my superior strength?" and "Why don't you free
yourself? I'm just a little girl and you're a big strong man."
Rob gasps in between: "How is this possible?" and "How are you so strong?"
Then Tiffany crushes and breaks Rob's arm (audio effects). He lies on the floor and squirms.
Tiffany flexes her LEFT BICEPS, her right hand on her hip and says: “See? I’m strong!”
Steven, still leaning against the wall, takes a bean from a bag and tosses it to Rob. "Eat!"
Rob looks at Steven, frightened, and puts the pill in his mouth. After a short time (acting), his
expression changes. He stands up and grabs his wrist, which is fine again, flexes his
muscles and laughs, "I'm ten times stronger!"
Close up of Tiffany flexing and smiling, "Cool, round 2".
Tiffany flexes both biceps again and says to Rob: "Have you ever felt the strong MUSCLES
of a woman? Feel the hardness of my MUSCLES. Are you strong enough to crush them?"
Rob grabs both of Tiffany's biceps.
Close-up of Rob's frightened face.
He tries unsuccessfully for a minute to squeeze her muscles.
Close-up of Tiffany: "You're too weak for my hard biceps. Can you at least squeeze my arms
Rob grabs Tiffany's WRISTS and tries to squeeze her arms apart without success for a
minute until he is completely exhausted and gives up. Tiffany's expression is relaxed. Tiffany
puts her arms down and says with a smile, "Now me!"
(I hope this part works with the size difference between Tiffany and Rob, otherwise discuss
an alternative beforehand))
Rob flexes his arms and Tiffany grabs his biceps and squeezes.
Close-up of Rob's pain-ravaged face: "Oh no!"
Tiffany squeezes Rob's biceps with her hands for a minute, during which time he slowly goes
to his knees in pain. She says, "Your muscles are soft" Then Tiffany grabs his HANDS and
slowly wraps his ARMS around the sides of his body. She presses his arms against his
sides (audio effects bone fractures, crushing).
Tiffany says, "I'm going to crush you with my superior WOMEN'S MUSCLES."
In between close-ups of Rob's pain-ravaged face and Tiffany's angry face.
Rob screams and slumps in Tiffany's grip (is that doable?) Then she drops him on the
floor. Tiffany puts both hands on her hips and says to the body on the floor: "No bean can
help you now."
Steven now moves towards Tiffany and looks at her with interest.
(No explanation, but from now on Tiffany only wears her black underwear) She still has her
hands on her hips.
Close up from front on Tiffany's arms and shoulders, pan to belly, then legs. Then around her
legs and from behind pan up ass, back, shoulders looking at Steven who is standing in front
of Tiffany flexing his biceps. Shot of Tiffany's upper body as she slowly lifts her arms and
flexes them as well. Some shots of them both looking at each other and flexing their
Close-up of angry Steven saying, "You little (fierce term for a woman, as bad as can be) ,
Now you're going to learn what true strength means."
Close up of amused Tiffany replying, "You're funny. I'm going to show you how it feels to
yield to a strong woman."
Steven and Tiffany slowly grasp hands and begin a test of mercy. (Something like in “Lillian
helps Ivy to get the superhuman strength”, just longer and slower)
Close up of fingers as they interlock.
Tiffany smiles and is relaxed. Steven is confident.
Slowly Steven begins to flex his muscles and you can see his effort on his face. Strained, he
says, "I'm going to make you submit. I am the strongest man in the universe and I will
conquer you!" Tiffany looks at him unconcerned and without any sign of effort and says,
"Then try a little harder. I feel nothing of your strength. Are your muscles just for show? "
Struggle of Steven with Tiffany just standing still with close ups of their muscles and hands.
Close-up of hands as Tiffany bends Steven's fingers back. (Audio effect bone fracture)
Camera stays on hands briefly.
Close-up of Steven's pain-ravaged face.
Close up of Tiffany: "Now that's what you get for messing with a much stronger woman."
Slowly she pushes him to his knees for about two minutes. In the end, Steven kneels on the
floor with his head down. Her arms are spread with his wrists bent backwards. She lets go of
his arms and they dangle at his sides.
Now she grabs his throat with her right hand and slowly lifts him up. He can only squirm and
his arms are useless. She lifts him until he hovers above the ground and holds him in front of
her. She looks at him, flexes her left biceps and smiles as she snaps his neck.

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Super powerful Tiffany shows her strength

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