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  • Rhea Marvel against Terminator

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hea Marvel - Mission Terminated

40 minutes English language mega movie

Story - Rhea is an undercover super agent and is investigating a crime boss. Acting as a dancer agent Rhea plans an audition in search of evidence but she is discovered and learns the secret of the crime boss. Agent Rhea has no chance against the Crime Bos who is secretly a Terminator and she is easily overpowered. Rhea must transform into Rhea Marvel to fight him. The 2 fight and the Terminator is strong but Rhea Marvel is stronger and she begins to take the upper hand until the Terminator produces a shooter. Rhea Marvel laughs as his bullets bounce off her invimncible body but he has more than one trick and Rhea Marvel learns that she is not so invincible after all. Weakened and damaged Rhea Marvel is knocked out and captured.

Rhea Marvel finds herself hanging from bound wrists and at the mercy of the Terminator who wants to destroy her but her powers are returning. She endures the strength of the Terminator and breaks free to fight the Terminator again in a super fight to save the earth. The invincible faces the unstoppable until a super poower blast leaves them both on their knees and back in their original clothes. The merciless Crime Boss will not stop until Rhea Marvel is destroyed but Rhea will never give up and uses the very last drop of her power in one last transformation only to find it is not enough.

Action Elements - sexy dance, leg scissors, table and wall slams, belly punches and kicks, transformations, display of invulnerability and failed invulnerability, front and rear bearhug, over the shoulder carry, eye beams, arms over the head suspesnion, over the knee back breaker, metal bar, ear bud and contact with handler, back and forth fighting, defeated heroine, audio and video effects and much more!

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Rhea Marvel against Terminator

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  • Product Length: 41 minutes
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