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  • Carol miraculously managed to escape fatality

Custom clip request 

1. Actress: Carol. 

2. Actors: Any actor, the tall actor with mask in my previous custom #2 looked good (the other one, not Rob). 

3. Location: indoor is ok

4. Accessories: Sunglasses

5. Actress outfit: Short denim skirt, with jacket, any sexy looking sleeveless top - fitting one, not loose. Belly exposed ok. Wear sexy looking colorful thongs. With Boots. (Male any outfit)

6. Length: 10 mins

7. Fight style: usual punches kicks

No script - let the actresses pose with sunglasses first on entry. Then fight. If you wish, you can incorporate a simple story but not a key point this time. Male to dominate, female face alot of trouble, but she manage to finish opponent. Mid fight maybe minute 3-4 she will lose the jacket. How she finishes the opponent, you can decide.

Fight points:

- 100% belly hits only to female

- No rapid punches, kicks. Actor to deliver one punch/kick/knee at a time, hard hits.

- Against wall, punches include to right and left ribs

- Female to hold her stomach and bending down alot from pain. Include similar scene as attached.

- Some times she will drop to one knee in pain, some times drop to both knees with head all the way to floor holding stomach.

- Include the punches to kidneys facing wall just like Sasha looking for treasures. Continue the scene with actress now in pain, hands still on wall but bending down more exposing the belly. Actor will punches her belly few times, some knee lifts too. Her hand doesn't leave the wall but jerk from back/butt up.

- Lastly, as always the actress to fall to her hands and knees and get kicked in her belly. Please do a lot of this through out the video, many. No crawling but she remains not moving in pain, when he will kick her. Also include one variation of this kick where female's head is all the way to the floor but leg off the ground and butt high in the air (like trying to stand) - belly exposed, when she gets kicked. The kicks are hard to lift her body/butt higher but she stays same position and gets kicked few times. Example attached.

Language: English 

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Carol miraculously managed to escape fatality

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