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  • Carly beats the information out of the bandits

Carly enters in a bandit lair with the aim of capturing the boss of a gang. In the lair there are two bandits, when they see her, such a beautiful woman, they think this is a really lucky day but unfortunately they made a mistake. In fact, Carly is a highly trained woman and immediately dominates the fight by repeatedly knocking the two bandits down. She just wants to know their boss's hiding place by hook or by crook. The two can't reveal the boss's hiding place but Carly is determined and is even willing to finish them if they don't cooperate. In the end Carly finishes one of the two bandits so that the other out of fear of her reveals the useful information to Carly. Will the second bandit be able to save his life by revealing the hiding place?

Carly wears super sexy boots with a big platform .....

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly beats the information out of the bandits

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