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  • Ronda overpoweres the bandits with her karate

Custom clip request 


Sven walks in turns around and see her in pic11 pose, but her face like pics1 to 4 (different angles include pics) they stare each other like previous custom, some mean smile like pics, lots of staring look. She now with big lips says welcome to karate club, then another mean smile. Now Sven comes close face to face with her, they bow each other way down just like her previous customs (she looks at her own toes with him) 5 repeats, show different angles. Lots of staring look. They now circle around each other exchange hi kicks and chops, she kicks him in the ankle or knees few times breaks it, he screams loud. show close ups too from breaks. She knows it is broken, she goes looks at him underneath his face for few seconds tells him " I broke your ankle (or knees)" he now holds his ankle or knees fall on the floor, she put toes front of his face. Then walks away like previous custom (ballet style) he keeps staring at her back, she bends bows him then turns her face looks at him face to face


This will be exactly like Carol custom little different,  Sven angry face waving the blade she walks in then ask him to drop the blade (show her face for 5 sec second, one eyebraw up), then kicks at him just like pic.6 except, make sven lowers himself with the blade so her toes comes right in front of his face. Show few kicks like carol custom. She finally finishes him with his own blade (first pose just like pic12 real mean look or could ge mirrored angle is fine too), show the kinfe to stomach close ups just like pics,7,8, love that body pose close up with sven looking at her pantyose and body.

Scene.3 Balcony throw

Balcony throw, please do this balcony throw from balcony rail pic17 and not the flat floor. She chases him like previous custom, he throws the blade she bends miss. Chase continues, he pushes her neck hard try to throw her pic.17, she karate chop his neck then the throw her down and loud haaas with repeats,

Lesley please after the throw put both her had straight way up towards the ceiling and not just one hand see pic.14,16. She then goes down toes next to her eye, keep looking up at stairs where he was thrown then at him back and forth, at least two times then look up at stairs again for 5 sec says "he was thrown by karate power, had no choice but to jump to his end". She keeps looking up till the scene is over.

Scene.4  toes over his mouth and inside his noise, he wears black or red hat (or any color)

Will be just just like carol custom, his hand locked and the whole reinforce toes over his mouth and inside his noise, love that whole pose. Now after she knows he is not breathing, she let his hand go like carol custom but keep toes over mouth and noise for another 5 sec, then remove it, his face turns around on the floor. She says "karate man completely locked up and out of breath". Then says very loud haaaaa

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda overpoweres the bandits with her karate

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