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  • Ivy and Melanie destroy their victim

Custom clip request 

1.)  Two Females names to be decided F1 and  F2

2.) One Male average or slim build

3.) Costumes : Female 1 wears Shiny Black pantyhose, bell bottom pants (flare pants) or dress pants , blouse, long silk like scarf, a black stocking mask and heels.

Female 2 from waist down only wears shiny dark brown pantyhose with heels, shirt, a scarf and a brown stocking mask

4.) Length 15 or 20 min

5.) Script

Female 1  faces male

F1 says “You were observed handing over company secrets to our competitor “

Male laughing says “This is not possible - I was away on vacation and no where near the office”

F1 says “You lie - we saw you on camera the other night”

Male “You have nothing on me. Are you sure it was my face?”

F1 “You have already lied on yourself. We saw through your mask “

Male nervously slowly backs away moving backwards 

F2 Slowly approaches Male from behind and karate chops him on the neck. Male drops to the floor stunned and dizzy 

F1 says “ You know what happens to traitors “

F1  removes her heels/shoes to expose black pantyhose feet. She pulls a stocking mask over her head walks up and kicks male in the face while he is on the ground 

F2 Stands the stunned male up and moves him with his back toward F1 

As he is being moved backwards to F1, F1 removes her scarf and tightens it into a loop like weapon.

F1 wraps the scarf around the males neck quickly into a strаngle hold. She wraps it 3 times shortening and tightening the scarf ends as the male gasp and makes strаngled sounds. The strаngling makes him to fell to his knees as he struggles to break the strаngle.

As he is being strаngled by F1 from behind, F2 removes her heels-shoes , puts on her stocking mask, and does 3 round house kicks to the male’s face then 3 kicks to his groin.

F1 lets go of the scarf strаngle after the 3rd  groin kick given by F2 and the male collapses to the floor.

F1 pulls out a pair of brown pantyhose and waives them in the close to the male teasing him then put the pantyhose away.

The male begins to slowly crawl away on his knees. As he crawls he is surrounded by F1 and  F2 on opposite sides. F1 and F2 take turns kicking him in the abdomen/groin area as he crawls. The male receives 4 vicious kicks from each female while crawls.

The 4th kick to the males groin/ abdomen knocks him out.

F1 gets the Male to his feet. She holds one of his arms and extends the arm while lowering his back partially. F1 kicks him quickly 3 times to the groin area while his arm is held.

F1 shoves/ pushes him to F2 who does the same 3 kicks while holding one of his arms.

The kicks leave the male dizzy and stumbling on his feet. As he stumbles around F1 and F2 take turns doing roundhouse kicks to his face . After getting the roundhouses he collapses to the floor.

F1 and F2 viciously stomp and kick him briefly while he is on the floor.

F1 grabs the pantyhose she teased him with earlier and gets behind  him while he is on the floor. F1 shoves the pantyhose over the males face and wraps the pantyhose ends quickly around his neck using them as a loop to strаngle him. He struggles and fights to break the strаngle with strаngled sounds as F1 tightens the grip wrapping tighter until he struggles no more.

The End

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy and Melanie destroy their victim

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