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  • Mabel comes to rescue her partner

Custom clip request 

Script - 

(First 2 minutes) - gun shots.

At the beginning, female is seen walking with gun, calling out for her partner. She sees two guards with mask behind a table next door, she fires gun. Guard hides behind desk for cover, guards return fire. She takes cover behind door. She fires again and destroys guards.

 (Next 4 minutes) - fight with guards

Female continues searching with gun. Guard 1 with mask sneaks up on her and tries to grab her gun. She loses the gun. Now she fights Guard 1 and defeats him, eventually choking him from the back. Guard 2 with mask enters, he is carrying a police baton. He slams the end of the baton to her back (female to react in pain) and she releases the other guard. Guard 2 then hits her in the belly with baton (baton hits are strong quick push hits, no baseball swings). She bends down holding her belly. Guard then hits her on the back again. She falls forward on all fours hands and knees trying to recover. Guard 1 now walks next to her and kicks her hard in the belly 3 times. Guard to stay next to her to allow her to slowly rise up on all fours each kick, enjoying it. Then, while In pain holding her belly, she gets on her knees kneeling forward. Guard 2 pulls her hair backwards with her head looking up and gives her a hard knee up to the face. She will fall backwards on her back.

 (Next 6 minutes) - fight with guards while handcuffed 

The guards then pick her up to handcuff her with hands behind. They interrogate her, asking where is her base. She tells them "F*** you". She is standing by herself with hands behind. Guard 1 walks up close to her, almost body to body. He then pulls his fist from down and punches her side belly really hard upward. She grunts "oof" as she jerks and bends down to her side, still standing. The guards are enjoying this. Guard 1 then pulls her chin up, and punches her hard in the same spot again. Again she grunts and jerks and bends down to her side in pain. (In English, she cries slowly "my stomach"). She tells the guards only cowards punches a girl in the stomach with their hands tied to the back. The guards laugh. With her standing back up, Guard 2 now uses the baton to hit her hard in the belly (like how Rob hits Sasha in video Rob destroys Sasha's stomach). She grunts, jerks and now fall to one knee in pain. Guard 1 now holds her arms from behind as the other guard hits her belly more times. As the guard was about to hit her again, she kicks the baton away and fights the guards while handcuffed. She then finishes them with her legs. And she releases herself from handcuff.

Last 10 minutes - fight with boss (with a table as accessory on a corner nearby)

Female continue to search, to pose with gun few times. She finds the boss. Boss tells her drop the gun or her partner will be finished. Then they fight.

This fight, do as please. Few things I want to see happen:

- Just like clip Sasha looking for treasures, towards the end, female to get knocked to all fours hands and knees again, and boss kicks her more times in the belly, like 6-7x. Boss will take his time to deliver each kick, enjoying it. Female to react to the kicks hard. In between, while in pain holding her belly says in English "my stomach".

- Female to stand face down, hands on table on a table bending forward (like trying to catch a breath), boss to walk up close to her and gives her few hard upper cuts to her belly middle/side from the bottom, and some kicks. Each punch/kick the female grunt "oof" and to jerk upwards like getting hit from the bottom.

- You may add other accessory in this fight if it suits.

Fight ends with female finishing the boss between her legs. And she finds her partner and they leave.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel comes to rescue her partner

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