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  • Carol demonstrates her power to the big guy

Custom clip request 

I would like to order a 10 Min Custom with Carol. This Video is similar to other Videos like " Rhea can't believe that she lost the fight" or " The unexpected loss of Mabel".  So you know, what i like to see. I would like to see Carol with the Blackdress from the Pic with  open Hairs.

And she fights against Rob.Like th other Videos Carol plays a incredibly strong Character, she is very cocky and arrogant and can take many punches befor she became. She only shows a little Body reaction from the blows against her, but she still moans/groans from every single punch!

Just taket he other 2 Videos witch i noted as example for the Character Role.

The Movie starts with her standing in a Room and Rob comes in, he tells her that he is here to take her out, and make her pay for her horrible things she did in the past. Carol is laugthing at him, she says that no body can defeat her, and he should just go away or she will finish him. 

Rob answers that he knows that she is unbelievable strong, so he came prepaired.  He pulls out a little Pill " This will make me stronger, so i can defeat you" he eats it and Carol is curious. " Well then... show me what you can do..." and the fight beetween them beginns. 

The first round is 2 min long, usually in my Customs the Girls beats up the Guy at the beginning, but her the fight is from the start on equal. On one Side is Rob, he is a really good fighter. He avoids/dodges many attacks from Carol and keeps punching her Belly and Head.

On the other Side, Carol  doesn´t care much about her defence, she just takes all the blows against her and beetween them she tries to hit Rob with her hard blows.  After the good start from Rob, Carol manages to give him more and more hits and he starts to look exaused.

And at the end  she dominates Rob and gives him a hard beating, in min 2 he goes down for the first time and is really exaused. Carol smiles at him " Is that all? I am not  impressed..." But Rob is not ready to give up, he pulls out a other Pill and eats it. After that he quickly 

looks completely refreshed and stands up again.  He gives Carol a sign to attack her, and she follows the order with pleasure. 

The second Round is again 2 Min, and its similar to Round 1. Again Rob has a really good start and gives Carol many punches against her Head/ Belly. But she takes them like nothing and near the End of the second Round she dominates him again and he goes down a second time.

Carol stand before him with her arms crossed and smirks " Well, i must say, i am still not impressed"  Rob answers that he has now come so far to give up, he knows that this could finish him, but he pulls out a other Pill and eats it. Carol " Are you serious? Another one? This is starting to get boring" 

Rob looks again refreshed and gets up, Carol is approtching him, ready to attack Rob. But befor she can hit him, he gives her one single blow into her Belly. Carol looks surprised "Wow... i really felt that"  This motivates Rob and from now on, he starts to dominate Carol.

Now Carol fights more serious  (she was fooling around with Rob in the first 2 Rounds) because he can really harm her. But he avoids all of her attacks, and keeps  punching her Belly/Head. In Min 7, i would like to see one of my Favorits " The Rob 1 min beating"  Rob manages to put Carol against 

a Wall, and for one min straight he keeps punching her without any break. In this Time we can see that Carol starts to look exaused and feels more and more the Pain. (We can see it on her Face and hear it from her moanings) After the Min, Rob pushes her into the Room. Carol breaths hardly

from the many punches she received.  Rob shows no mercy to her, he is approtching her and keeps punching her. Carol is at this point defencless and with every punch she looks weaker and weaker. Near the Min 9 Timer she finally drops down on the Ground, she looks very weak at this point.

Rob is euphoric " I got you! I will take you out right now!" But then suddently we can hear Carol laughing, she is looking up to Rob " You really think you got me, huh?!"  Carol stands up again, her weakings is completely gone, she is stretching herself "Ahh... this was refreashing" 

Rob looks confused " Silly Boy... i was just playing with you, you really never had a chance against me"  Rob doesnt beleave what he is hearing, he goes to Carol and gives her several punches against her Belly. But she takes the blows against her like nothing. After this he is punching her 

Head, but again: She just takes that. After this Carol smiles "Playtime is over..." and now she is attacking Rob. For the last Runtime she beats him up and dominates him. He still manages to give her some blows, but nothing bothers her. At the end she takes him out, you can decide how. 

The Movie ends with her leaving the Room, but for one last moment, she gives her defeated opponent one last look with a smile on her face. ​​​​​​

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol demonstrates her power to the big guy

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