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  • Super Mabel was defeated by a crazy scientist. PartII

Custom clip request 

Clothes: Reuse most of the clothes from last video, including the torn and spoiled parts if you haven't cleaned them or throw them away yet, just remember to use the long leotard. 

Be more specific she starts with the leotard, pantyhose, red stocking on one leg and the white socks on the other. The heel is on the floor, filled with sticky poison.

Part 1: Escape (about 3~4 minutes)

The heroine wake up in the posion pond 

Like this one, the liquid's color shouldn't be too strong, We need able to see her costume. It is more a media to get her wet and easy to get dirty later.

And please add some dirt to her costume before hand, especially the leg and feet part.

It seems she no longer get hurt by the posion anymore, but she is weak and tired after all the suffering. She slowly picked up her heel thrown on the ground, it still filled with the sticky gooey posion and she can't clean it up, She got no choice, have to use it as a protection for he feet. 

Then she tried to escape from the lab. But because her heel is so full of posion, it split out as she walks and leave a trail for the bad guy to chase her up.

Part 2: Overwhelmed fighting (this part take about 12 minutes)

Shortly, the badguy caught her up in a old dirty room (depends on the availability on your end, just make sure the floor is dirty), 

She tried to fight, but she is too weak, he catched her fist, twist her arm make her screaming and crying. Then push her to the ground. She tried to crawl away from the badguy, but he chase up and give a heavy kick on her belly, make her roll on the floor and lost her heels again. The badguy enjoy the feel of overwhelming a heroine so he just watches her struggle on the floor. Then she slowly gets up with the dust and dirt all over her body, make the fighting stance. After a few second of stalement (Look at each other with high guard, but none make any movement), she realize there is no escape and she has to fight her way out. So she runs towards the bad guy, screaming desperately, and made a series of punch on his chest. However, as she is so weak, her attack doesn't hurt the bad guy too much but angers him. So he grab one of her hand, holding it, punch her to make her go backward, then pull the hand before she falls down to get her up and back towards him and punch again. This time he let her go and the heroine fall to the ground with her face down (she spin a half circle and prone on the ground),  

Then he take her red stocking off, tie her hand behind her with the stocking. After that he stomp on her ankles and feet (zoom in to show her dirty feet) . After that he pull her up from the ground, she is almost fainted, and got some red liquid comes from her mouth and split on the ground she stands on (to add more flavor on her already dirty feet). Push her against the wall and punch her for serval times (not many punch at once, but punch once, wait for her to recover, and then punch again, and more red liquid goes out from her mouth). Then let her slip to the ground lying on the wall unconscioused. After that, he grab her feet, drag her over the red liquid on floor to the center of the room.

(dragging, but it should be face up in clip instead of face down in the picture, and her hand is tied up)

Part 3: The end part (for the rest of time)

The bad guy wake the heroine up, look at her struggle on the floor. He ask the heroine to surrender and give out the information but she refused. So he pull her up making her to stand up and then beat her down, ask again and she still refusing to surrender. This happens 3 times. The first time he punch her stomach, the second time he punch her face, and the third time he kick on her but she managed to dodge it and kick him to the floor. But she is even weaker than before so it doesn't hurt the bad guy, just making him even more angry. So he gets up, grab her from the back and make her to drink the posion (Anything works, no need to be sticky for this one) and then let her stand here waiting for the end come. 

The heroine first looks alright, but then she starts to feel it burn in her stomach, she knee down, one hand covers her stomach, one hand holding her throat, white bubble comes out from her mouth, and then she prone to the ground, her body twitches for a few seconds, and then there is no more movement on her. The bad guy comes up, first he lift one of her feet and let it drop to make sure she is finished, then he untie her hand to get back the red stocking, flip her up (so she is now face up, lying on the ground again), and took off the white sock left on her foot, then take all the stockings/socks (including the two used in last clip, if they still there) and list them beside her, and that is the end

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Mabel was defeated by a crazy scientist. PartII

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Super Mabel was defeated by a crazy scientist

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