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  • Tiffany comes to avenge her sister

Rob eliminated Tiffany's sister in a fight a few years ago, for Tiffany is now the time to get revenge.

The video begins with Tiffany entering the gym to face Rob. Rob is not regretful of what he did to her sister, indeed, if Tiffany confronts him he will treat her the same way.

But Tiffany is not afraid of him and she starts fighting. Rob's size does not seem to give Tiffany a chance that she is knocked down several times but she is very determined and continues to fight and slowly manages to counterattack too. At one point Tiffany uses two techniques learned from her father that almost immobilize Rob .... from this point Tiffany takes the dominance of the fight to reduce Rob totally KO.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany comes to avenge her sister

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