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  • Alex hires Steve to get revenge on Mabel

Alex has been recently heavily defeated by Mabel and despite being ashamed of this he goes to his brother Steve who is an expert boxer to ask his help to get revenge on Mabel

Knowing Mabel's habits, the two men wait for her at the gym at her usual time.

Mabel can't believe Alex is back with reinforcements and slaps him but a tough fight begins between the two boys and Mabel.

Alex is much weaker but the challenge with Steve is much more balanced. Despite Mabel fighting against two opponents, she slowly takes over on them and after several minutes she seems to dominate the fight.

But suddenly Alex manages to kick her between her legs and Mabel falls down from her pain. They manage to tie her up and when she regains consciousness of her they begin to storm her with blows of any type, but Mabel's resistance is incredible and after a lot of hits, still tied to the chains in the end she manages to knock out her two opponents.

Mabel wears a leather minitop, miniskirt and combat boots.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Alex hires Steve to get revenge on Mabel

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