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  • The present from the girls to Big Boss

The girls have organized a surprise for the big boss who is sitting in his office drinking quietly. The surprise is Ivy, a sexy dancer who enters the room and begins her show. There is a music background and Ivy starts dancing a sexy lap dance. Ivy is wearing a sexy red bodysuit and  high heels shoes with high wedges. The big boss really likes the gift, he approaches the girl and touches her ass .... But the gift is not as funny as he thought. In fact, Ivy begins to hit him with all kinds of blows, kicks, punches while she continues to masterfully dance her lap dance. The big boss also tries to react but Ivy is much more skilled and she continues the punishment of him by including many ballbusting. In the middle of the video Ivy takes off her shoes and leaves the pole as well, focusing on punishing the big boss. Despite his attempts to regain control of the situation, the big boss will end up completely knocked out while Ivy, after accomplishing her mission, quietly leaves the scene.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The present from the girls to Big Boss

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