female fighting stories

  • Tiffany proves to Steve that she is not just a fragile girl

Tiffany is training with the punching bag wearing a sportive outfit and boxing gloves. Suddenly a well built guy comes into the gym and he asks her what she is doing. He is convinced that girls shouldn't waste time on boxing. Tiffany takes off her gloves and challenges him, convinced that she is proving to him that even though she is a woman she is much stronger than him. The challenge begins and Tiffany's shots are much more incisive than the boy's. The fight continues and Tiffany takes over and after a while she knocks him down. She sincerely expected more from a well trained boy .... so she gives him an advantage, she lets him hit her without any reaction. Steve hits her with all his strength but Tiffany is very resilient and proves her superiority over Steve too.

When Steve is on the floor, Tiffany goes back to her punching bag but Steve attacks her from behind.

Bad idea, Tiffany's reaction will definitely knock him out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany proves to Steve that she is not just a fragile girl

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