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  • Sasha destroys the men with her legs

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Scene 1:

Sasha in her black latex upper body suit with bare legs and long high heels. The same as Sasha humiliates 3 men stepping over them” She just got home and was about to put her purse down, when suddenly a man attacks her. Hugs her from behind, and puts his hand over her mouth. She back heel kicks him in the nuts, he groans in pain and backs off. She turns to face him. She asks who are you. He says ive been hired to eliminate you. She smirks, and says we’ll go ahead and try. He then lunges at her with a punch and she ducks out of the way. She then sends a couple of kicks to the face, wobbling the man. He then tries to throw a punch, which sasha catches. She twists his arm and he grimaces in pain. She then knees the man in the balls bringing him to his knees. She walks around him, circling him, while touching him sensually around the shoulders/neck area. As she does so, she evilly smiles and says, I’m going to enjoy sending your unmoving body back to the gang. But before I do, come on, try and at least hurt me a litttle. She then walks away from him, and as she does the man gets up yells and lunges after her. While facing the other way, she sticks out her leg behind and strikes the man who goes down. She smirks, while still looking the opposite direction away from the man. You cant even touch me while im not even looking. The man then tries again, and Sasha sticks her leg out behind her and makes the crumble. He does this two or three more times, and sasha keeps sticking her leg out from behind her while looking at her nails/looking the opposite direction. Sasha then turns back around to face the man, who is now laying prone on the floor groaning in pain. Sasha walks towards him, squats down, and punches him repeatedly in the face. She gets up, walks around the prone man, circling him one time, relishing in her dominance. She then nears him, and puts her foot on his throat, with her hands on her hips. The shot should show both her holding the man down with her heel and the man struggling, legs flailing. He is gasping for air, and begs sasha not do this. This goes on for about 30-45 seconds. She just continues to smirk. After the man’s legs stop flailing, she then twists her heel and breaks his neck. She’ll then start down at the man, and kick him to make sure he is finished. She then steps over him and exits the shot. The canera follows her out from behind until she leaves the scene.

Next Scene:

Sasha is in the same outfit as “Sasha humiliates 3 men stepping over them” with the same high heels. She is sitting down at a table reading a book, when a man starts to creep around the corner. Sasha notices, and tells him to come out. The man then walks towards her, and tells her that he is there to finish the job. She laughs, and asks whether he knows that she destroyed the last man who tried to take her out. While still sitting, the man then charges towards her. As he does so, she kicks him in the groin while still sitting. The man bends over, and she kicks him in the head several times while still sitting. He falls to the ground in front of her, moaning in pain. She stays seated looking at him, with her legs crossed for about 15 seconds, then gets up. She grabs the man by his shirt and lifts him up to his feet. She backs away. The man tries to punch her and she dodges. He does it again, and she dodges. He then tries a third time, and she grabs his arm and sends a few kicks to the body and his face, after which he falls to his knees. She then comes up to him and sends multiple knees to his face. The man then falls first into the ground, groaning. Sasha then walks slowly around his body, smirking, taunting him, saying “get up weak man.” She then goes over to a table, and leans on it waiting for the man to come to him. The man is able to wobbly get to his feet, and charges Sasha with a blade. As sasha is leaning on the table, she sends a kick to the man’s hand that beats the blade out of his hand. She then sends a kick to his face that makes him fall to his knees. As he is on his knees, she circles him again, touching his face and saying you know you cant touch me. How does it feel to be completely destroyed by these legs? He is wobbly barely able to move. She then gets in front of him, while standing and facing the other way, and puts his head in him a behind scissor. Specifically, she uses her one leg to choke the man behind her. He begins to gasp for air. Camera should show 20 seconds from the front and 20 seconds from the back. The man is gasping and pleading for her not to do it. After around 45 seconds she twists her leg and breaks his neck. He slowly slides down her legs and she slowly lets her leg down. She stands over him, smiling, and taps her foot against his head. She then leaves the scene, with the camera following her from behind as she leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha destroys the men with her legs

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