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  • Super Mabel was defeated by a crazy scientist

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Topic: Dirty pantyhose, sleeping, foot/leg fetish, wet clothing, and fighting

Character: 1 heroine, 2 bad guy. Ideally one slim (which will be the scientist) and the other be strong (the body guard/assistant)

Costume: Similiar to before. Blue leotard (if the actress has tatoo, make sure it is covered), nude/beige pantyhose, and a red stocking (Use a thicker one, over the knee) and red high-heels (Or let me know what color are aviliable to you. Just make the shoe color smiliar to the stocking so it looks like a boot). Plus a mask (not a medical mask for doctor, but a cooler one like this. Any color you can get) and a pair of white cotton socks for later use (a short one over the ankle)

No special requirement for bad guys, just try to match with the character if possible. For example, the scientist could dress formally (he won't be fighting at all) while the assistant looks more like a fighter.

Script (total about 35 min)

Part 1. Fight in the Lab (about 5 minutes)

A short show off for the heroine moving swiftly at the outdoor, then she enters the hideout of the mad scientist and goes to the lab (you can use the building in last video. Maybe add some decoration like a desk with bottles and tubes on it. To make the place looks a bit like a makeshift lab, purely up to you). However, the scientist is not there, only the assistant is preparing for next experiment infront of the desk. As she doesn't know there is an assistant, she think he is the scientist and try to strike him. But the assistant is trained for fighting so he noticed that strike, escaped it and get the heroine off balance. Then he hug her from behind, lift her from the ground and make her struggle. Her high heel were dropped while she struggles in the air. But in the end she managed to get out of the hug and fight back with her kicks. Although her heel is lost but the assistant is no match to the heroine and soon gets beat down on the floor.

Part 3. Foot play (about 3 min)

Then the heroine goes near and play his face and body with her dirty feet as she think the mission is done.

Part 4. The scientist sleep the heroine(about 2 min)

While the heroine plays the assistant, the real mad scientist returned and noticed the situation. So he comes from behind, take a gas bottle and spray the sleeping gas on heroine's face. She straggered, turn to the scientist, then fall to the ground.

Part 5. Badguy foot play (about 4 min)

When the heroine wake up, her hand is alreadly tied by ropes in front (not at her back). And the bad guy is playing with her feet. Start by petting her feet, then take off one of her stocking, and at last wear a pair of white socks on her feet. She tries to resist during it, but the bad guy then start to twist her ankle, so she had to stop and let them do whatever they want.

Part 6. Posioning and escape (about 10 min)

After both of her feet is wearing the new clean white socks. The bad guy take the stocking took off from previous part, insert it into the mask and then pour some liquid (cholorform) on it. Cover the mask to heroine's face to make her get sleep with a white eye. After that, they pick up her high heel and fill it with some gooey sticky liquid (the posion, maybe red or green if possible. One of the liquid I'd suggest is shampoo so it is easy to wash off after, and the small bubbles also feels like corrosive posion) from the desk. Then put it on the heroine's feet and leave the place.

Few seconds later, as the posion gets through the socks and pantyhose, it starts to burn the heroine and wakes her up. She immediately throws away the mask, then try to get rid of the posioned heel, but she is still affected by the cholorform, and her hands are tied, plus the gooey posion liquid is sticky (not in real) so it is super hard to get off the heel.

After she gets rid of the heel and the rope on he hand, she escaped from the building. The posioned feet hurts on every step so she is laming slowly. Luckily she found a bucket of water near by to wash her feet. She first washed with socks, then she take off the sock on the feet with stocking and wash the feet carefully, and the stocking is already corrosived by the posion and have a few holes over it, even one of her toes are pointing out from the hole. (the pantyhose is still intact, only the stocking is broken)

*(so now she should wear the pantyhose, and one red stocking on a feet, and one white sock on the other. Like this kind of mixture :D)

Part 7. Captured (about 6 min)

While she is washing her feet, the bad guy has found their "test subject" is missing. So the assistant came out to look for her and found her right there. This time the heroine had no chance, her feet was posioned so she can't use her powerful kick, but can only fight with her fist while she is difficult to move. The bad guy easily fisted her stomach for a few times, then she tries to fight back with her kicks, but failed and fall to the ground. The bad guy kicks her a few times, make her roll on the floor near the water bucket, fliped it and gets the water all over her, wet her entire body. (not sure what's the temperature at your area, let me know if it is too cold to do that and we can remove this wet part, only keep the foot washing one) Then the bad guy goes near, stomp on her and make her pass out.

Part 8. The last part (about 4 min)

As the heroine is captured, the assistant towed her back to the lab by grabbing one of her feet (no need for entire way to the lab of course, just start at the entrance). The scientist is already there and he take a bottle of gooey liquid, slowly pour it over heroine's body. She immediately wake up, screaming, cry for help and roll on the floor, trying to get off the posion liquid. But it just gets smeared all over her body and the scientist is pouring more on her. After a few seconds, her movement starts to get weaker and weaker, white bubbles come out from her mouth, her body starts to twitch, and after another few seconds (the camera slowly rotates around the dying heroine), she stopped moving, being finished by the posion with a white eye inside a small pool of posion liquid. Then the camera rotates around her again, showing her body covered by posion and dirt, then zoom in to show her face and feet and the end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Mabel was defeated by a crazy scientist

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