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  • Sasha comes in search of treasures

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(First 5-6 minutes) - fight with guards

At the beginning, to start outside near trees/forest. Female is looking for hidden treasure. She sees a male guard with a mask and easily knocks him out. Next she enters the building. She sees another male guard with mask (guard 1) and they fight. Female manage to defeat however another guard with mask (guard 2) appears from behind with a weapоn. He tells her to freeze and don't move. She puts her hands up with guard 2 pointing weapоn from the back. Guard 1 then starts to get up, and not happy. He punches her in the belly (a quick hard punch), she reacts with a painful grunt (ooff sound). She falls to her knees, holding her belly. Guard 1 then hits her in the back with the weapоn. She falls forward and gets on all fours trying to recover. Guard 2 walks next to her and kick her hard in the belly 3 times (like Kano kicking Sonya Blade), the guard will slowly walk around her before each kick, she will grunt with 'ooff' sound each kick and show pain. As the kick turns her on her back, Guard 1 then stomps on her belly with his boot. Guard 2 then lifts her up and uses his weapоn to hit her belly a few times. He then hits her across the face with the weapоn. Next move, as Guard 1 is about to hit her again, she kicks the weapоn away and kick him in the balls. Then fights both guards and finishes them.  

(Next 9 minutes or so): fight with boss (here male don't need mask)

Female continue to search the building, now taking the weapоn. Female to pose like Lara Croft with weapоn few times. She then finds the boss and tells him don't move. She tells him to turn around as she points the weapоn to him. The boss then quickly turns and grabs the weapоn, throwing it away. Then they fight.

This fight, please do as you please. Start even fight between male female. But towards the end, I want female to get knocked to all fours hands and knees again, and boss kicks her more times in the belly, like 6-7x. Boss will take his time to deliver each kick, enjoying it. After the 3rd kick, kicks should be hard that she flips on the back and again get back to all fours each kick. Female in between, while in pain holding her belly says "my stomach, my stomach". After the final kick to the belly, and she gets up on all fours, she does a Sonya Blade move like inverted leg scissors to boss, chokes him and finishes him. She then walks up, her belly injured and finds a treasure box.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha comes in search of treasures

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