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  • Steve vs cyborg in Mortal kombat

Custom clip request 

I would like to custom a 10 minutes Mortal Kombat Tournament fight video between: the girl vs Steve (Brutal fight scene)

Steve is shirtless in fight shorts while the girl is in a leather full bodied fight outfit. The girl is a cyborg capable of regeneration.

Fight begins with Steve cockily flexing at the girl. Steve has a good start in the fight, raining punches and kicks and throwing the girl around. Eventually into about 3-4 minutes of the fight duration, Steve manages to beat the girl down and snaps the girls neck

Steve then flexes a Victory pose. However the fight is not over and the girl gets up, adjust his neck and starts advancing towards Steve. The cyborg, learns all of Steve move and starts to retaliate Steve's blow. Steve defends himself heavily but is no match for the girl blows. 

In a last ditch effort to thwart the girl, Steve high kicks the girl but Cyborg is able to anticipate this move and catches Steve's kick and proceeds to squeeze Steve's balls midkick and break Steve  leg.

Steve falls to the ground in tremendous pain, clutching his broken leg and balls. Cyborg then proceeds to mercilessly knee Steve in the head, causing Steve to fall into an almost knocked out daze.

Cyborg then proceeds to pull Steve up and brutally break Steve's remaining legs and arms (Have body part breaking sound effect)

Cyborg then pulls an almost lifeless Steve up by his head, positions him in a kneeling position and snaps his neck brutally. 

After this, have cyborg use a KOed Steve to flex a double bicep pose.

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Steve vs cyborg in Mortal kombat

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