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  • Mabel and Alex meet a blind date

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In this scenario, Mabel wears the outfit she wore in What can happen with the pretty girl if she walks alone with the inclusion of a tanktop.  She sits on a couch busying herself checking her phone as she waits to meet a blind date.

Alex enters the scene.  He wears a T-shirt and jeans (see the outfit from Let’s Finish This) and asks if she’s Mabel.  She says yes and he says he’s Alex.  Recognizing that this is her blind date, Mabel looks at him before saying disappointedly, “You’re so skinny.”

“Look who’s talking!” Alex responds, crossing his arms and staring smugly at her.  “You’re so scrawny!”

Mabel gets to her feet, staring eye to eye with Alex.  “I’m stronger than you.” She says.  “I bet I could kick your ass.”  Alex’s arms drop to his sides and the two of them glare at one another.  Almost nose to nose, they both stand, staring at each other, waiting for the other to make a move.

*I would like to have an extended staredown between Mabel and Alex that builds to them coming to blows. The two of them glare, baring their teeth, eventually moving forward so that their noses and foreheads contact, their teeth gritted, they push against one another with their foreheads, daring the other to back away from the confrontation. Their breathing becomes very slightly labored as they push against each other, finding the other to be a match for them in strength, their eye contact never breaks and they begin to let loose small growls and grunts as they jostle against each other. In between everything, they will have these lines.

"Back off..." Alex warns, straining to make Mabel's head back.

"Make me." Mabel breathes as she returns the favor, pushing against Alex.

This confrontation between them lasts for about 2 minutes before Alex finally pushes his forehead against Mabel’s, pushing her backwards.  She falls back on the couch and stares at him, her mouth open in surprise and anger.*

“Still think you can kick my ass bitch?”  He says as he backs up, giving her room to stand.  Mabel does so, staring at Alex the entire time.  When they’re both finally up, they both remove their shirts, never breaking eye contact.  The two then begin to circle one another as they prepare to fight.

What follows is an extremely even fight between both fighters with neither fighter ever fully in control of the battle.  They fight desperate and dirty, verbally screaming and groaning as they yank at each other's hair and slam each other against walls, or roll over one another on the couch and floor as they throw punches, knees and even at times, headbutts.  At one point, Mabel even grabs her tanktop off the floor and attempts to put Alex in a rear naked choke with it, he grabs at her hair, trying to pry her off of him and finally gets her to loosen her grip when he rakes her eyes with his fingers, causing her to yell and loosening her hold enough that he can elbow her and roll her over.

Both fighters get worn out throughout the course of the battle and find themselves both becoming fatigued, moving slower and slower as they run out of stamina.  They stumble as they try to get up to continue their fight at times.  

Near the end, the two of them both find themselves on the ground in front of each other, facing one another, barely conscious after a previous engagement took them both down.  They crawl to all fours, their heads pushing against each other and panting heavily as they attempt to get up and soon find themselves on their knees, sending strikes at each other.  At this point their fight is a battle of attrition, where the winner will only be decided by who has more stamina.  Mabel grabs Alex and headbuts him and he stumbles off his knees and nearly falls onto his back.  He manages to JUST stop himself and Mabel rests her palms on the floor, gasping.  Alex comes back with a roar and grasps Mabel’s shoulders, pushing her to the floor.  Their hands find one another’s throats as they struggle on the ground and they begin to choke each other, looking to end their battle.  Mabel slowly rolls Alex over and mounts him, they’re hands still grasped about one another’s throats, they glare at each other as they try to choke the other out.  Slowly, Alex’s hands leave Mabel’s neck, he grasps at hers and he tries to pull her hands away from his neck.  Mabel almost smiles through gritted teeth as she says between her own gasping breaths,

“Who’s… the bitch… now?”

In a desperate last ditch effort, Alex suddenly fires upwards with a punch that catches Mabel in the jaw.  Her hands go slack and she falls off him.  Alex lies on the floor, gasping and coughing as his lungs fill with air.  Mabel lies on the floor nearby, knocked out.  The video ends as Alex gasps and stares at the ceiling, having not even enough energy left to pick himself up off the floor. The scene ends with both of them lying on the ground.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel and Alex meet a blind date

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