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  • Popeyette punishes Bluto for his rude behavior

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A video with Naomi (as popeyette, the daughter of popeye) and a man (the son of Bluto)

In the video popeyette arrives to her house, Bluto is waiting for her. She is surprised. Bluto ask her to be his girlfriend but she politely declines. Bluto reacts very bad and starts hitting her with fists and kicks, 1 minute later she tries to eat her spinach but he takes it away. She tells him that she hasnt eaten anything in 2 days and he empties the entire content of the can into her mouth making her to eat it all. 

Once she eats spinach she gains super strenght and she starts to punch him (only punches with her fists, no kicks), punches in the face, in the belly, very hard punches.

In the last part Bluto is crying, he ask her not to hit him anymore, she feels sorry and pity and she promises a last punch. She rotates her right forearm and when she lands the uppercut (sound like an atomic bomb) and with special effects the body of Bluto flies and destroy the roof as she watches it drift away into the clouds. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Popeyette punishes Bluto for his rude behavior

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