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  • The bandit encounters with Ronda's feet in mules

Ronda arrests criminal. 


She wears showing cleavage and covering stomach. Nothing the neck.. Denim shorts with belt. Mules. Bare tan legs.Makeup and earrings. Prefer hoop earrings and soft colour lipstick. Hair tied back. I’ll send pictures

Man wears casual outfit with mask. Can you get Sven please. If not then someone smaller than her. 


Dialog for Ronda( you can add these where it suits. Each dash is seperate dialog.)

-Hello again Darling. Everytime the same. Do you surrender? I didn't think so. Well. Same thing. You get my legs and my shoes.



-Legs Darling(for legs and foot shots.)

-Wrinkled arches(for legs and foot shots.)

-You are my favourite criminal

-I love this

-So stupid.

-This is why you like me. Isn't it.

-Everytime the same.

Scenes (you can do these in any order you like. But I'd like the editing and camera work to look similar to The criminal tries to escape Bionic Lesley)

Clip opens with man sneaking into room. 

Ronda sits with legs crossed and feet arched while man runs away. Closeups of face smiling, legs and wrinkled arches of her feet in mules. 

Closeup of mans crotch. Ronda kicks his crotch from behind. Closeup of both sides of her foot. 

Lots of closeups of her legs and arched feet with man struggling/falling/running in background. She laughs during some shots. Staircase moments too.

Leg on stool with foot arched. Camera angle shows the wrinkles. Can you show her put her foot on the stool.

Slow motion kicks and punches. Camera follows her foot during kicks.Could you repeat them from multiple angles.

Lots of closeups of her face smiling and raising an eyebrow. 

Man throws punches at her and she repeatedly blocks his punches. Closeup of man’s face while punching. Man’s pov of her cleavage shaking as she blocks his punches. 

Extend her leg from behind a column. Her leg and foot cover the screen when fully outstreched.

Man stands with back against the wall. She presses her shoe on his thigh. Closeup of her foot while he tries to punch her.

She lifts him off the ground. Show her feet arched and his feet dangling. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The bandit encounters with Ronda's feet in mules

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