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  • Rob captures Naomi's leg surprising her

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Act 1 (1.30min)

Naomi is a cat burglar wearing the fully black cat suit costume (flat shoes) and stockings underneath, and sneak into the big room. He catches Naomi stealing and approaches Naomi but Naomi slowly back away smiling, not looking for trouble but then surprise him with a kick but he catches your right leg shocking Naomi (mouth wide open) making Naomi hop around. After 15secs Naomi wiggle free but continue kicking (always with your right leg) but keep getting your leg caught. Whilst holding your leg, he starts belly bunching Naomi and hops Naomi around. 

Act 2 (1.30mins)

Naomi runs to the stair case (like attached) to escape but he chases you. Your on the flat surface of the stair case and turn to kick him but he catches your leg, shocking you. After catching your leg a few times Naomi run up the stairs but he grabs one of your legs, making Naomi yank your leg back and forth. When Naomi yank him away he grabs your leg again and repeat, until you’ve escaped back into the room

Act 3 (2mins)

Naomi kicks him but he starts catching your full leg again and hops Naomi to one side of the full room (backwards) and hops Naomi to the other side of the room (forwards) 

Naomi removes catsuit costume (and left shoe) and are wearing black stockings underneath and a white top. Naomi continues kicking but he catches your full leg again and this time he starts face punching Naomi whilst holding your leg. This is repeated when he catches your leg, Naomi panic and try to wiggle free but he wont let go and he starts punching your face repeatedly. 

Act 4 (2mins)

Naomi trys to escape by going towards the ropes (picture attached) but leave your right foot hanging in mid air which he grabs and pulls Naomi away (so Naomi is hopping backwards). He twists and turns your foot and continues yanking your leg back and forth. When your wiggle free Naomi manages to run and grab the ropes and try to back-kick him but he catches your foot again trying to pull Naomi off the ropes but Naomi still hold on. He removes your stocking on your right leg ONLY but still holds onto your foot. He twist and turns your foot and Naomi let go of the ropes with one of your hands so your front his facing him but Naomi keeps holding on with your other hand. When Naomi let go he hops Naomi around the room again. Once free Naomi run back and climb through the ropes (except your right leg is still outside) which he grabs and starts yanking your bare leg back and forth. He has a tight arm grip so Naomi cant wiggle free and he starts punching on your leg. Naomi push him off your leg but instead of bringing your leg inside the ring Naomi kick him with the same leg which he catches again. 

Act 5 (1mins)

He lets go of Naomi which makes Naomi fall in pain, but he comes in through the ropes and lifts your right leg up making stand up on one leg again making Naomi hop around. As he caused your leg pain, he starts massaging and rubbing his face on your leg turning Naomi on and hopping Naomi around. 

Act 6 (2mins)

Finally he starts belly punching Naomi whilst holding your leg but Naomi keep telling him to worship your leg again which he refuses. When he lets go he catches your kicks again and Naomi try to hop towards the rope (to escape) but he keeps pulling Naomi back on one leg. This is repeated again where your leg is caught but manage to hop to the rope and he wont let Naomi go making Naomi is a damsel in trouble. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob captures Naomi's leg surprising her

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