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  • Gerda and Ariel play with the bandits blowing up their heads

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first: A and B are at home,They put on socks and shoes to leave,A said while wearing  socks:"There is a nest that needs to be cleared. I want to compete with you to see who is more powerful",B said" I accept your challenge".Then they went out holding hands.

second: A and B go into the corridor,There are three guards patrolling (two at the near end and one at the far end),They stopped A and B and pointed weapons at them.A and B look at each other and smile,They stepped forward and put their chests against the muzzle.The guard pulled the trigger, the shooter rang out, and the guard was bounced off.A says  to B" let's start",A and B catch the heads of the two bandits respectively,Clamp their  heads with their thighs,Then twist it.The remaining bandit turned and ran away,B looked at  the bandit's back and said: 3,2,1,bomb!.The bandit's head suddenly exploded.A and B laughed and left holding hands.

third: Three bandits in the room,wrist wrestling.A and B push the door to enter.A says can I join?The bandit answered: welcome,If you lose, stay with me overnight.A smiles and says:ok,that you will be destroyed if you lose.Start of the game,A it's easy,She felt bored,Say: you are too weak.Then she broke the bandit's hand,The other hand broke the bandit's neck.A  stands up and holds hands with B, walks to the door and prepares to leave.bandit saw his partner is finished and attacked B with a stick from behind,B shaking his head helplessly,B then suddenly appears behind the bandits,Cover his mouth from the back,B said: good night.and broke his neck.The last bandit cowered in the corner with fear.A and B walked towards him with a smile and looked down at him,The bandit knelt down and begged for mercy with B's leg in his arms.A asked him:whose legs are more beautiful(Then the camera began to show the legs of the two people from bottom to top),The bandit pointed to B's leg,B smiled and said:thank you.A feel angry,her feet were raised high,The bandit's head exploded when she stepped on it.A and B hold hands and leave.

Fourth: In the corridor,Three gangsters are chatting,A does not appear, B go to them,B sprained ankle (pretend),The bandit helped her up and sat on the stool, one of the bandits took off her shoes and rubbed her feet,Slowly attracted by her feet, began to touch,Stroke it along the calf to the thigh,finally reach into the skirt,B pretended to be afraid and said:don't do this, please .At this time, A came out, and the other two bandits walked towards A with smile.The two bandits began to touch A's hair and waist, and finally reached into his skirt and pinched A's ass,A turns around and looks at a gangster, holding his neck with a smile,Lift him up, lift his feet off the ground, and then twist his neck.At the same time, B also sat on the chair and clamped the bandit's head with his thigh,The gangster kept slapping her on the thigh,B stretched out an index finger and gently placed it on the bandit's forehead,The bandit's head exploded.The last bandit, frightened, turned and ran away,B put on your shoes and tidy your socks.The bandit escaped to an unmanned corridor,The bandit walked around the corner and found B in front of him,Turn around again, and A also appears.The two men approached the bandit. The bandit knelt down and hugged their legs to beg for mercy,A said: I let you go. Let's go. The bandit said: thank you,The bandit began to run away. After a few steps, he suddenly fell to the ground and twitched. He is finished a few seconds later(during this period, a and B didn't do anything, just looking at the bandits),B smiled at A and said:I haven't agreed yet.They left

Fifth: It's boss's room,With sofa,A and B enter the room, and there is no one in it.A and B sat on the sofa, cocked their legs and began to make up,Then the boss came into the room,The boss sat directly between them, put his hands on their shoulders and said: does the beauty come to play with me?B smiled and said:I hope you can enjoy it.The boss laughed and suddenly kissed B on the face. B slapped the boss on the face,The boss stood up and clapped his hands, and two other bandits entered with shooters,A and B continue makeup,Ignore them.The two bandits began to aim,The boss nodded, and the two bandits pulled the trigger,The shooter can't shoot. The shooter is broken,The bandits were confused,A and B laughed. They sat on the sofa, each holding out a finger,They each point to a gangster,Two bandits' heads exploded.The boss was frightened and hugged their legs and asked not to finish him,A and B asked the boss to take off their shoes, and then they stroked the boss's face with their feet,Finally, they took off their socks and threw them on the boss.B said :I forgive you, and you can live.Then A and B hold hands and walk to the door without shoes,Standing at the door, a spits out his tongue mischievously and says: bomb!. The boss's head exploded,A says: I disagree this time.Finally, they left holding hands

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda and Ariel play with the bandits blowing up their heads

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