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  • Mabel is an agent on a mission to take down a gang

Custom clip request 

Actress: Mabel

Outfit: I would like her to wear the catsuit like in Sexy Agent Mabel Destroys a Guard in Different Ways with it unzipped at the top. Can she please have her hair and makeup just like this:

Mabel will also wear the boots that she wears in Valerie and Mabel demonstrate their kicks or she can wear the boots from Mabel beats the guy. POV. Whichever you prefer.

Actors: One male actor can play multiple roles. All guards wear a mask except the boss.

Length: 15-20 minutes.

Story: Mabel is an agent on a mission to take down a dangerous international drug lord. His base is heavily guarded and she’ll have to use her martial arts and hitwoman skills to beat them.

It begins with one guard at his station. Mabel sneaks along a wall and approaches behind him. She grabs him into a chokehold and he struggles to breath and free himself. She demands that he tell her where the boss is and he tries to resist but she begins to lose her patience and tightens her grip and tells him that she can make it much more painful if he doesn’t comply. He reluctantly tells her. Without letting go she then demands that he tell her how many guards there are. He tells her there are five. She chokes him until he is out.

For the next four guards she sneaks up, catches them by surprise and finishes them in various ways with her martial arts skills like in the “crushing hands” series. She can do moves like spear hand strikes, chops to the throat, chokes, trachea tearing, etc. (I’ll leave that to you)

The fifth guard guards the entrance to the boss’s office. Mabel tells him that she’s finished all of his colleagues and he has a chance to live if he gives her the key to the office and turns himself in. He tells her that he is far stronger than the rest and attacks her. The guard throws lots of punches and kicks that Mabel dodges and blocks. He proves to be a good fighter with some back and forth action and it appears even at first but Mabel gets serious and begins to land more hits. She eventually knocks him to the ground and gets him into an armbar headscissor.

She chokes him with her legs until he loses consciousness then squeezes/twists to break his neck to make sure he’s KOed.

She takes the key from his pocket or around his neck and uses it to enter the boss’s office.

The boss is sitting at his desk as Mabel walks in. He looks up in surprise. She tells him that she’s single handedly eliminated his gang and his drug operation is over and this is the end for him. He pulls out a weapon on Mabel and walks up to her. Mabel is not afraid and she asks if a big scary drug lord needs to use a weapon to stop a girl. He chuckles and agrees that it’s more fun to fight with his hands and tosses the weapon aside. Mabel and the boss get into martial arts stances to fight. They both block each other's attacks and the boss eventually lands the first hit on Mabel. He boasts that he became the most feared drug lord because of his fighting skills and that he’s finished dozens of men so a woman stands no chance. The fight is back and forth with Mabel and the boss blocking and dodging and landing many hits. After a certain point, the boss begins to choke Mabel but she chops the side of his neck or slaps his ears, causing him pain. He begins to throw more punches but she blocks and dodges, responding with her own punches,kicks and palm strikes. She then kicks him in the stomach with a side kick, causing him to double over in pain and fall to his knees. Mabel walks behind him and grabs him into a chokehold just like the end of “Agent Miya performs her task” and this picture.

Mabel chokes him as he struggles and weakly begs for mercy. He loses consciousness and Mabel finishes him with a neck snap. She steps over his body to a briefcase and opens it. She calls her agency (she can use a phone or you can pretend she’s wearing an earpiece) and tells them that she’s eliminated the drug lord and found his product and will take it back for analysis. She grabs the case and steps on the boss’s body. The End.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel is an agent on a mission to take down a gang

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