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  • Sasha humiliates 3 men stepping on their bodies

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The two local champions are training in their gang gym. The one is doing push ups and the other one is practicing high kicks. Suddenly Sasha enters the room. 

She puts her boot on the guy that does push ups, preventing him to get up and having him underneath her feet.

-Sasha: You boys have been so bad those days! I have to ask you to leave this town and never come back!  

-Guy1: Who do you think you are and come here to threat us? Do you think we will scare a little weak girl?

-Sasha: This little weak girl will going to beat you out if you don't leave….

Then she steps on the guy and moves on to the other one. 

-Guy1: You should think about this before coming here… Now you will regret it.

Sasha kicks Guy1 2-3 time and sends him to the ground. 

-Sasha: Come on guys, we haven’t started yet and you are already on the ground?

She steps on him and then she sits on his back in order to remove her boots. She gets up and helps the guys to get up too.

The fight start where the guys trying to hit her, but they miss. She easily manage to block or avoid their hits and return the kicks to them. After some kicks one of the champions is on the ground on his back. Sasha runs up to him, steps on his chest and kicks the other guy. Then he is on his back on the ground. As he tries to get up, Sasha put her foot on his chest and sends him back to the ground. She climbs on his chest.  

She places her foot over his face.

-Sasha: Kiss my foot slave.

-Guy2: Never bitch.

-Sasha: Ok, if you think you can keep fighting…

Sasha climbs down of the guy..

Suddenly the ninja enters the gym and sees his friends beaten by Sasha.

-Sasha: Oh, here he is. I was waiting for you. I always wanted to fight against a ninja! 

Ninja tries to him Sasha but she avoids his attacks, she kicks him back and after 3-4 kicks she sends him on the ground too. Sasha approaches him, steps on him and places her foot on his chest.

-Sasha: Come on guys. It can’t be that easy! You are two karate champions (she looks at the defeated champions) and you are a highly trained ninja (she looks at the ninja liying under her feet). I expected more from you! 

She steps again on the ninja as she moves to the opposite corner of the guys. 

All 3 guys get up and team up again opposite Sasha. The champions remove their kimono top shirts (not the ninja). 

The fight starts again. Every some kicks, each guy is getting on the ground and Sasha steps on him. After 1-2 minutes, Sasha kicks them sending the ninja on the ground unable to move and the 2 champions on their knees. Sasha approaches the the first champion and puts her foot his chest. 

-Sasha: One champion down!

She push the guy to be on his back on the ground. Then she turns to the second guy and puts her foot on his face.

-Sasha: Second champion down!

Sasha push him to lay on his back side to side to the other guy. Then she climbs on both of them with each foot on each guy.

-Sasha: See? You boys are again under my foot. I think you understand that your place is underneath a woman’s feet.

Sasha climbs down of the guys. Ninja tries to get up but Sasha kicks him again and sending him to the ground again. The other 2 guys try to get up too and attack her, but she delivers them a spin kick and send them both to the ground again unable to get up.

She approach the first champion, puts her foot on his groin and rubs it. The guy groans. 

-Sasha: You though you are stronger eh? Does my foot on your groin proves that? 

She places her foot over his head.

-Sasha: Kiss my foot and I will let you leave.

Guy kisses her foot humiliated.

-Sasha: Good boy, good boy!

She steps on him and goes to the second guy and she put her foot on his chest and rubs it. Guy groans. 

-Sasha: And you? You though this would be easy? Or maybe you like to be under my foot.

Sasha places her foot over his head and makes him kiss it. Guy kiss it humiliated. 

She steps on the second guy and goes to the ninja. She climbs on his chest with both foot.

-Sasha: Did you ever imagine that a little girl would be on top of you? That you would be a doormat for a woman? Kiss my foot slave. 

Ninja humiliated kisses her foot.

-Sasha: Good boy! You kiss my foot better than you fight me. 

She climbs down of his chest.  She goes and takes her boots.Then she goes again on the ninja, she sits on him and wear her boots.

-Sasha: Its over boys.  

Finally she victory pose on him with her boots, stomps his chest (like cutting a ciggarette - please check the video “stomping”). After that she laughs and moves to the other guys she steps on them, turns around sends them kisses and leaves the place victorious. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha humiliates 3 men stepping on their bodies

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