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  • Sasha uses karate power to destroy Little Brothers

Custom clip request 

Here is the next custom: Susha/little man

Attire, same as last custom Ronda or pic.1. 


Scene starts with a close up, this time she karate chop his neck with the right-hand pic.3 (big toes close to his eye), after few chops, Camera zooms out and her hand in karate chop. She bends way down and looks at him straight in the face, big lips. Then hands over waist just like pic.4 says “this is the response to the blade attack”. She then shows him the repeat of the karate chop. Then bows him (looks at her own toes), please show him all the time looking at her and not the other way.

She then steps back from him and says balcony expert kung fu man is next, then shows him a balcony throw pose (turns her back to him and bends way down like she is grabbing someone leg and body, then turns around with hands stretched way up towards the ceiling say haaaa very loud). He keeps punching on the floor very hard from anger says “the balcony guy will finish you up there”. She now turns her back to him and with that same balcony pose (hands way up) walks away from him till she gets to the door. When she gets to the door she says one more time “haaaa”, then says “that’s how he will be finished”. He punching on the floor angry at her pose, also screaming.


Little man playing with the blade very angry, please start like other custom pics 7,8 below, she walks to the scene in karate pose please show from behind her like pic9,10, she then tells him to drop the blade of face karate. He says “I will destroy you right here and right now”. She now kicks at him (show from her back) exactly like pic11, please in pic.11 bring the kick front of his face, I love that pic.11 kick angle please do exactly that pose. Then show the kicks from front like pic.14 angle. He attacks with blade, she bends miss, karate chop him then more hi kicks. He keeps attacking, she does the same. Now on the last attack, she grabs his hand stretches his hand way up locks it, then wait a little, then bring his hand stretched forward (pointing it at the wall direction) in lock mode and then push his hand with power into his stomach, blade goes all the way in (finishes him with his own blade-she guides and push his hand into his stomach), they both scream very loud. She keeps his hand on his hand (blade is way in). She now let her hand go and have him handles the blade. He is holding the blade into his stomach struggling, she goes to karate pose, then bend way down looks at him under his face. He finally falls down. She goes put toes front of his eye, then steps back and shows him the repeat of the blade attack (please have him look at her repeat, not the other way). She now walks away from him (walk like pic.12 walk) then bows him just like pic.15.

3- Balcony throw

She chases him up the stairs, he throws the blade at her, she bend miss (show the bent way down, like last custom, loved it), please also show a repeat of the blade throw.

She now continues the chase to the final stairs, close to the rails. They go to karate chop and exchange karate chops, he now pushes her against the rail, hand on her neck trying to throw her down but gives up, then goes for her leg, grabs her leg and stretches her leg way up towards to the ceiling try to throw he down. Her leg become heavy on him, he keeps trying hard but finally let go. They focus in karate chop for her few sec, he then attacks her, she bends grabs his leg and back and throws him down from the balcony rail, like other customs, says haaaaa….please show the repeat with her back completely to camera (not sideway) then goes to full karate pose then turns arounds hands up haaaa. And in another repeat show her leg stretched way up to the ceiling and she is leaning against the balcony rail and looks down at him, staring at each other, she tries to show him the repeat of when he grabbed her leg stretched up trying to throw her down, she then shows him the throw move. She finally goes next to him, toes front of his eyes looks up at the balcony then looks at him back and fort says “you almost threw me by grabbing my legs stretched way up to the ceiling, but instead I threw you down with a karate power”

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha uses karate power to destroy Little Brothers

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