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  • Melanie points the guy at his place

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I would like to have mixed match in the ring with one man versus Melanie.
It can starts with man who is kicked to chest by Melanie /exhausted, defeated in this match, like ending move ,for fun/. He fell down on the mat and Melanie straddle stand on him , winning. He promised next time, he defeat Melanie.
Of course Melanie says yes and accepts challenge. So u can add like one month later in screen and Melanie starts a real wrestling match. He should be clothed in shorts and i would like Melanie to wear black hose, red corset and black gloves without tips of the fingers. He is confident and try to win. I wanna one sided from woman , but not punching bag. He is trying and getting tired and tired in this match. Melanie can use boxing ,kicking ,armbars, scissors. I would like to let Melanie to do choreography in this fight, u have better ideas. But oneside match ,with man trying and he cant. I want Melanie to really exhausted him by time being and defeat him ,he is trying but he just cant. He start getting slow and tired, Melanie plays with him like a cat with a mouse. Finally Melanie puts him in the ground totally unable to move.
She walks slowly around him ,when he is on his back on the mats, unable to stand. Melanie walks slowly around him, Melanie can use thrash talk. She puts her feet on his belly ,chest , groin and after this total victory she stands above him, and straddle sit him in victory pose and wait about one minute sitting on him totally destroyed and humilitated.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie points the guy at his place

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