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Custom clip request 

Scene 1

Two confidently men walk into a room. As they enter the room they notice Naomi quietly standing on in the other side in a meditation position with her head bowed (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 10 - Palm In Fist Stance). 

The camera now returns to the two men (Naomi is not in the camera shot). 

The first man speaks, “I’ll take care of this. It won’t take long.” The second man nods in agreement, before speaking, “Enjoy yourself. Have fun with her.” 

The first man now walks out of the camera shot towards Naomi, while the camera shot stays on the second man standing with his arms crossed and smiling. 

The camera now cuts back to Naomi who remains motionless in her standing meditation pose when the first man walks up to her pointing his finger at Naomi. The man now berates Naomi, “You silly little bitch. I’m going to severely fuck you up.” 

Naomi now grabs the man’s finger, firstly bending it backwards and breaking it before pulling his hand forward. With the man off balance Naomi now drives her knee upwards into his face, knocking him backwards (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fight 01 - Finger Grab and Break Followed by Knee to Face). 

The camera now switches back to the second man standing back from Naomi as the first man is thrown back into the camera shot as he lands on the ground in front of the second man.

The second man now looks down at the defeated man before looking up with determination as he now walks towards Naomi (with the camera following him so that both he and Naomi come into the camera scene). Naomi is still in her standing meditation pose with her head bowed as the second man walks behind her. 

The second man moves behind Naomi and runs his hand across the top of her shoulder as he speaks, “Now, now, such a pretty little wild cat. You need to be tamed.”

Naomi now slowly raises her head before speaking, “Why do men always under-estimate me?” before lifting her right boot in the air and then stopping down hard on the man behind her foot. Naomi then swings her right elbow backwards into his stomach before quickly swinging the back of her right fist upwards into his face. With the man now stunned, Naomi grabs him around the neck and pull his head down as she raises the right knee of her boot into his face several times (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fight 02 - Kicks, Elbows and Knees). Naomi now releases the man’s head as he remains immobilised behind her. At this time Naomi is now filled with determination and begins breathing heavily as her chest moves up and down (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 04 - Heaving Chest and Determined Look). After a few moments Naomi speaks, “Kiss my boot loser!” before swinging her right leg up and over her right shoulder into the man’s face (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fight 03 - Backward Head Kick) knocking the man backwards and onto the ground. With the man still stunned Naomi spins around so she’s facing the man as drops into the splits. Naomi now flex’s her arms and hands momentarily (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 05 - Splits With Martial Arts Pose) before launching several straight punches into the man’s groin. With the man still immobilised and bent forward in pain Naomi again rises to her feet and standing in front of him effortlessly flicks her middle finger into his forehead (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 11 - Flicking Middle Finger) knocking him backwards onto the ground as Naomi says, “You’re pathetic.” 

Naomi now assuming a defensive martial arts stance (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 09a - Defensive Martial Arts Stance) before extending her right hand and bending her fingers up (See Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 01 - Defence Martial Arts Stace and Hand Gesture) for the men to get up and attack her as she speaks, “Get up you miserable losers, I haven’t even started with you yet.”

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Naomi and the two men using Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fights and then knocking them both out. During the fight scene can you please pay particular attention to Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fight 04 - Punching Without Looking scene where Naomi has her head slightly bowed with a look of determination facing slightly downward in the direction of the camera. Naomi then first strikes out with a right cross hook, moving only her arm as her body remains still at a man who moves to attack hr from the front. Then keeping her body still Naomi strike out with a right back fist as a man comes into camera shot from Naomi’s right. As the man falls across in front of Naomi she brings down her right fist onto his head knocking him down even harder.

At the end of the scene with both men now on the floor lying next to each other Naomi goes down into a splits position with both of her fists raised in a martial arts pose as she face the camera  (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 12 - Splits With Martial Arts Hand Position).

After holding the splits pose and displaying her dominance the scene now ends.

Scene 2

Scene 2 begins with Naomi practicing her martial arts moves (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video 06 - Special - Martial Arts Practice).

Slowly the 2 men knocked out in the previous scene both rise and walk towards Naomi.

One of the men begins to speak, “You stupid bitch. You are finished!”

The other man replies, “She’s nothing but a pathetic whore, her fancy karate skills won’t save her now?” 

As the man speaks Naomi brings up her finger across her lips and makes a “Shhhhhh” sound (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 13 - Finger Across Lips - Shhhh) 

before she begins speaking, “If you must know, I’m a 10th black belt in tae kwan do and karate. I’m capable of breaking every bone in your pitiful bodies.” 

The first man speaks again, “Are you all alone bitch? I’m going to smash you.” 

Naomi now calmly takes her extended finger that was across her lips a moment ago and points at the men, confidently smiling before speaking, “You are both going to be destroyed!”

One of the men approaches Naomi and speaks, “I’ve had enough of this whore…Fuck you bitch!” He then throws a punch at Naomi’s face. 

With ease, Naomi raises the open palm of her hand to easily block the punch mid-flight. Naomi now slowly closes her fingers around the man’s fist, slowly crushing his fist as we hear his bones crack under the pressure. Naomi then pushes the fist upwards and backwards, bending it back with a loud crack (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 14 - Bending Wrist Backwards).

As the man drops to one knee in pain Naomi speaks, “I don’t think you realise just how bad I can be. You are pathetic.”

Naomi now releases her grip allowing the man the fall backwards. 

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Naomi and the two men using Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fights and then knocking them out. About halfway through the fight can Naomi please pull out the nunchucks from behind her black belt and performant brief fighting scene with them. I appreciate that Naomi probably it’s too familiar with swing nunchucks but if she could attempt to do Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 07a - Nunchucks 01 and Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 07b - Nunchucks 02 then that would be great. Please also repeat the Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Fight 04 - Punching Without Looking scene again.

Towards the end of the scene, I’d like to see Naomi perform a prolonged beatdown where Naomi does multiple kicks to the head and stomach and multiple punches to the face, throat and stomach (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Video - Special 08 - Prolonged Beatdown). At time the man is so beaten Naomi has to pull him up by the hair to stand or hold him by the throat with her left hand as she punches him with her right fist. Naomi also teases the man by calling him a ‘loser’ and ‘pathetic’ that he is ‘unable to fight a little girl.’

With both men now thoroughly defeated Naomi now assumes a meditation sitting pose on the back of one the men (see Naomi Custom 2022 - Picture 15 - Sitting Meditation Pose).

Initially Naomi has her eyes open as the camera comes closer, she slowly closes her eyes, relaxes and the scene (and film) ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Never underestimate Naomi

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