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  • The magic transformation of Melanie

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First scene:
Melanie is an old scientist, that's been terminally ill for a long time. She has a daughter Carly which is also a scientist. She used her mothers old blueprints for a draining device, which she used to drain Supergirl. After gaining immense strenght she finished Supergirl. After that she brought havoc on the city. 

Melanie is in old baggy clothes (so that we don't see her body,  make up to look her old wrinkles and so on, maybe gray wig, and glasses) 

Her daughter Carly is in Black Evil Supergirl costume.
Melanie is hearing the radio -> short segment about the devastation of the city, "Superman and Wonderwoman combined powers to defeat goddess Carly, but they are not a match for the evil goddess" Melanie  turns off the radio, slams in on the floor, goes to pick it up but her back is in pain
Melanie:"oooh for God sake, look at what I've become, and Carly that little prick is a literal God. She used my innovation to become that. But I have something in mind hahhaha (is in pain after laughing"
Melanie goes to the working desk and finds a blueprint for her old project -> Project Phoenix: Genome change
Melanie:"This is too dangerous, but I need to try it, what have I to lose. I'll collect the DNA from Carly and finally defeat this disease"
Melanie screams : GEEEEERDAAAAAAAA come here you little prick

Second scene:
Carly flies in. She has red liquid on her boots.
Carly:"What do you want mother hahahah is your mortal body falling apart?"
Melanie:"ah Carly lovely as ever, you need to be a little bit grateful"
Carly throatlifts Melanie:"Whatch your tone nanny hahahah" and throws Melanie on the wall 
Melanie takes a crowbar and hits Carly, but with no effect
Carly takes the crowbar and hits Melanie with the crowbar fast like a lighting on her knees
Melanie is on the floor in pain, she doesn't feel her legs, but she's taken Carlys hair.
Carly pulls a chair and sits in front of Melanie:"who do you think you are, I defeated and destroyed superman and wonderwoman today. I drained and destroyed Supergirl and Powergirl, I'm the strongest being on the planet, sadly my device is broken and I couln't drain Superman and Wonderwoman hahaha but honestly I'm to lazy to do it anymore, I'm too powerful either way"
Carly:"red liquid of superman and wonderwoman is on my boots, take them off and clean them mother hahahahah how does it feel to take chores from your little girl hahaha"
Melanie takes off her boots and goes to clean them. She takes a napkin and cleans the red liquid and smirks. she puts away the napkin 
Melanie returns the boots to Carly. Carly flexes her muscle:"What do you think mother about my presence ahahhah I'm a litteral God"
Melanie:"pppplease honey give me a hug" Melanie hugs Carly. Carly is disgusted:"ooooh moooomy", and she squeezes her. Melanie takes Carlys hair with her last atoms of strenght.
Melanie fells on the floor is uncosios.
Carly:"hahahahah oooh mommy you go to sleep"
Carly flies away. 

Third scene:
Melanie finnaly makes the injection:"aaa finally it's finished, I've found so many DNAs from Earth mightiest heroes on Carlys boots, and the hair from my lovely daughter, I've improved their DNAs and I'll be a power of the universe hahahah, earth needs to be scared ahahahha really really scared"
Melanie takes the injection and immediately fells on the floor.
After some time she wakes up. She doesn't have old lady make up anymore and the white wig, she is young. But still in the old lady clothes. 
Melanie:"wow what the hell happened, I feel different, I feel like a God"
Melanie stands up and realizes that she doesn't need her glasses anymore, her body is young, she rips her shirt, and her pants (she is only in her bra and her undies). She goes to the mirror she is in shock:" this worked better than I thought, look at this tempel, I always was a sex machine hahahah"
She feels the power in her body (flexes, touches her arms and body"
Melanie:"lets see what we got"
A short montage where she runs fast, does million push up in a minute and pull ups, takes the crosbar and bends it 
Melanie:"it's time to go to the mall and get dressed"

Fourth scene:
Melanie walks in a new outfit (black push up bra, or some hot leater top, tight short black leather skirt, black sexy pantyhose, heels - I'm not so good at making outfits, but my idea was something where she has pantyhose, heels because I want to see her smoking legs. Maybe some hot top or shirt, which you find to be better (which she will remove to be just in a bra after armwrestle for example)
She walks in with a dumbel (the biggest you have)
Melanie:"aaaaw the boys in the gym are really cute, but this feels like a toy to me" trows away the dumbel
Carly flies in shortly behind Melanie:"Stop right there, who the hell are you, I don't think that we had the pleasure of meeting?"
Melanie turns around, Carly is in shock:"wha wha what the hell, who are you, where is my mother"
Melanie slaps Carly across the room, Carly goes to the wall, and is in shock
Melanie walks slowly to Carly with a smirk:"where are your manners, haven't I learnt you nothing"
Carly:"m m m m m mother? "
Melanie while flexing and laughing:"yes honey I've been hitting the gym lately hahahaha quite literally"
Carly stands up:"that can't be, I I I I'm the goddess, there is no one stronger than me"
Melanie:"well honey I need to spoil it to you, but I think I know someone stronger"
She takes Carly  by her ear:"First of all I need to thank you honney, I've used some of your DNA and look at me now hahaha a litteral God; how about an arm-wrestle hahahahah"
They arm-wrestle. Melanie (with one hand she armwrestlers, other hand she flexes her biceps:"whats the matter, where is the might from our GOD hahaha I think Niethze is right GOD is not alive" she slams Carlys hands on the table, Carly fells on the floor.
Carly:"I don't know how you did this but I will  destroy you crazy bitch"
Melanie:"Geeerda language hahahah come on honey give it your best shot, what the matter are you going to attack a defenseless old lady"
Melanie takes of her top.
First Carly punches her in the face, Melanie  only laughs. After that she punches her in the stomach, Melanie puts her arms behind her head and laughs. Carly sees the crowbar, heats it with her lasers and throws it at Melanie. No effect only bounces on floor.
Melanie is bored, she blows Carly away. Carly flies to the wall.
Carly fires laser beams at Melanie. No effect, she laughs and fires her own laser at hers, and overpowers her laser, refletcs it. Carly is on the floor, her eyes hurt.
Carly:"you old bitch" 
Melanie:"I don't feel old honey" Melanie flexes her biceps

Melanie:"I think I want to try the powe of my legs, honey would you please take my heals off"
Carly:"I will not... , I'm not your slave"
Melanie:"OK than I see, I need to do it the hard way." 
She goes to Carly and by the speed of light she punches her in the stomach and slaps her across the face many times (superspeed), throws her on the couch, Carly rolls on the floor. Melanie takes off her skirt 
Carly is in shock, she is scared. Melanie sits on the couch
Melanie:"whats the matter honey, are you scared, have you peed your panties hahahahaha, I'll take them myself"
Melanie takes off her heels and sesnuali goes with her hands from her feet to tighs, :"They are the 8th wonder of the world hahahahahh let's see how much demage they can do"
Melanie kicks Carly while shes on the floor with her legs (quick, speical effect), Carly stands up weak, Melanie takes a long leap and does a cartwheel kick, Carly stands up again.
Melanie:"you have a lot of fire in you, I need to give you that haahah"
She pins Carly on the wall and throatlifts her with her feet. After this if you have time, can put further destruction of Carly. Kicks, punches, throwing of Carly across the room.
Melanie lays on the couch. Carly has a lot bruises
Melanie:"I'm bored go get me a coffe"
Carly thinks that this is a opportunity to go away, she tries to run away, but Melanie is to fast, as soon as Carly went for the doors Melanie appeard at the doors. Carly bumps into Melanie and fells on the floor. Melanie flexes:"ouch it must be hard to bump into a God hahahahahhah" 
Melanie :"Carly Carly Carly, where are you manners, if you wanted to go you just needed to ask" Melanie throatlifts Carly:"here is a shorcut honey" 
Melanie throws Carly from the 10th floor of the building (where they are the whole time) to the street or ground floor (whatever you find easier)
Carly opens her eyes and sees Melanie  hovering above her with her eyes red (lasers are ready):"Honey there is a new Goddess in the universe, and it's hella sexy"
Carly begs her mother for her life:"Mother please spare me..."
Melanie laughs and flexes her biceps:"Oh you are smart like your father, what are you thinking that mine red liquid will be running around, so I need to worry if you'll figure out how to be strong as me, no way honey, universe hase only space for one God"
Melanie burns Carly alive with her laser beams. 
Melanie looks at the camera:"Let's go play God"

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The magic transformation of Melanie

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