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  • Ronda uses karate power against Little brothers

Custom clip request 

Here is the custom, little man vs. Ronda

Outfit: the same black pantyhose/leotard like last custom. In Scene.1 she will be in pantyhose only, see the script. If black pantyose is broken then use that brown one she used once before.

Scene.1  she fights only in pantyhose no leotard in this scene. If pantyhose falls down during the fight, she can pull it back up underbreast without cutting the scene.

Little man practicing karate, Ronda walks in with panties and bra, holding the pantyhose in her hand (pantyhose hanging down). She now holds the pantyhose with both hands on the band (not toes or legs) stretches it a little. says "I have your arrest warrant you better surrender to avoid Kung power". While holding the pantyhose with both hands they bow each other (she bows with pantyhose held by both hands), freeze for 5 sec or so. After bow, Little man picks up the kife on the floor, She now puts on the pantyhose from toes way up to the hip stretches leg way way up to the ceiling, feel the hose up and down, looking at him says karate, then puts on the other leg feels it and finally pulls it way up under breast way way up. She then spread out her legs hands over waist says "karate is the only solution here" (She fights only in pantyhose in this scene, no leotard).

They focus hard. She start throwing  hi kicks front of his face just like last custom love those pic1,2 kick poses just perfect, do the same here. He attacks with blade she goes side way karate chop his neck and keep throwing hi kicks just like last custom and finally breaks his arm and shoulder just like last custom (her feet flat on the floor when breaking his hand-like last custom), both scream loud she says haaaa. He falls on the floor, she puts toes next to his eyes, he is holding his broken shoulder., she then breaks his ankle, says "perfect hands leg fracture, just perfectc as expected" 

Then walks away from him her back to camera like last custom pics 3,4 love that feet pose when walking. She then turns her face looks at him then walk again. Then put feet like pic.5 hands over waist looks at him, say "kunf fu broken hand and leg...haaaaaa" also show full size from far view too. 

Scene.2  she is in pantyhose/leotard, no panties/bra

She comes back to visit him few hours later, he is still on the floor holding his broken hand, also show his broken ankle twisted on the floor, looks broken. She now tells him, let me show you the repeat of how I broke your hand, shoulder and leg for resisting arrest warrant. Now she repeats scene.1 above on him, same angles, with little man on the floor looking at her moves screaming in anger and keep saying I will revenge you when I recover from the hospital..please repeat all the above, bows first then hi kicks then miss the blade, then shoulder breaks and all the walks. And finally at the very end, she bows him way down with her back to him, freeze few sec. 

Scene.3    Balcony throw

she chases him up the stairs (in pantyhose/leotard),  he throws objest at her, she bend way down miss (her face almost touch the stairs), she freeze like that 5 sec then contiues chase. They go to same location as previous Sven custom, both go to full karate pose, he attacks, she bends, karate chop him, then repeat, full karate pose again. She now back slaps him, hits him against the wall then put hand behind his back or neck, lowers herself to his level, looks at him under his face, stares at him few sec.

They are both against the wall now. She put her left feet way in front and then push hard against his back, he start walking by himeself from the push power and dives down, she has hands stretched way in front from the power and her left feet still way in front say haaaa. He is down the stairs like previous Sven custom, hands pointing at her looking at him for 5 sec and repeat..she say "karate ballet throw"...she then turns her back to him and bow way down says "welcome to karate club"....

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda uses karate power against Little brothers

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