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  • Karate lesson from Gerda and Rhea

Custom clip request 

Gerda: same style as "Gerda proves that her dojo is the best". 

Costume: same karate outfit as "Young fighter Valerie defeated a seasoned champion", but with white socks. 

Rhea: same style as "Rhea does not tolerate disobedience". 

Costume: same karate outfit as "Master Lillian loses the fight", but with black stockings like Melanie in "The training of secret agents Melanie and Gerda". 


A1,A2 help each other stretch: 

1. A1 places her leg onto A2's shoulder, and A2 stretches A1 into a standing split. The same scene repeats with A1 stretching A2. 

2. A1,A2 play the rock-paper-scissors split game for 2 or 3 rounds. 


A1,A2 now hit each other: 

1. A1,A2 grab each other by the shoulder, and deliver knees to the groin. 

2. A1 places her leg on A2's shoulder. A2 hugs A1 and delivers low blows. 


1. A2 catches A1's high kick on the shoulder, and bearhugs A1 while she stands in split. 

2. A1 performs a cartwheel and uses her legs to choke A2, but A2 escapes the lock and pulls A1's legs apart all the way to 180 degrees. 


The actions below are also repeated twice; once for A1 and once for A2. 

1. A1's high kick lands is caught on A2's shoulder; A2 bearhugs A1 and delivers knees to the groin.

2. A1 lifts her leg ready to land an axe kick; A2 sits in a split and low blows A1. 

3. A2 catches A1's kick and stretches her into a split. 


A1,A2 begin a karate fight:  

1. A1's left leg is trapped on A2's shoulder. A2 pushes A1 against the wall, uses her right hand to grab A1's left hand; then A2 raises her left leg high to pin A1's right hand. Now both of A1's hands are trapped, but A2 can use her free hand to attack.  

2. A1 sits on a split and low blows A2; then A2 also sits on a split and attacks A1.  

3. A2 stands behind A1 and grabs her; A1 tries a high kick over the head; A2 catches her kicking leg from behind, and then delivers knees to the groin. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate lesson from Gerda and Rhea

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